Airport Services Marketing for Customer Satisfaction

The characteristics of service in the case of the airport

Airports provide several services in creation to create customers’ satisfaction. In the case study, the airport management renders vehicle storage, cleaning, safety and even servicing as a way of creating value for their customers’ money. The nature of these services can be identified as inseparable from those providing them such as the cleaners and engineers. At the same time, customers are unable to touch or feel the services rendered to them, they only experience the effects. This is because services are intangible, unlike goods. Other features that can be recognized from the services include their variability and perishability once they are rendered.

The role of the expanded services marketing mix in the case of the airport

Every company today tries to create a unique model of customers’ satisfaction. These marketing strategies are aimed at creating a competitive advantage and retaining the customers. When customers realize that a given airport can offer storage and servicing facilities to their vehicles, they will prefer this to others even their nearest airport. This because of the value attached to airport services. Despite the expenses incurred, customers feel that quality services are tied to the value of their money. While it might be expensive for airport management to offer these services, an increase in the number of new customers and retained customers compensates for this cost.

Creating values for customers of the airport

Customers are always ready to pay higher prices at any airport once they are sure of their security, comfort, and quick services and responses. Customers value quality and quick service encounters. As a result, most organizations use these services as their competitive strategies. In airports, managers ensure that their customers are comfortable and well attended to. Apart from transport and vehicle services, most competitive airports provide their customers with comfortable waiting rooms, Television, and snacks.

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