Our Story

The story of Paperroni started in 2014. It all began with Matthew and Luca, a couple of UNC - Chapel Hill graduates who studied comparative literature. Essays were the most frequent assignments, so we had the practice of sharing our texts to get inspired when someone got stuck. That is how the idea of this project appeared.


Since we are both fans of Italian cuisine, and one of us also has Italian roots, we decided to name it Paperroni, a spicy Italian – American creation. Over time, the project evolved into a huge database that contains sample essays and research papers on virtually any topic.

Our Goals


Anyone who was once a student knows that studying is often challenging. We were there, too. Now we want to help those who are suffering from a lack of inspiration or buried in assignments. With our database, you won't have to ask your friends or relatives for help. You can handle it yourself!

We aim to provide anyone who needs help with their assignments with high-quality essay examples so that they could get inspired to write their own text.

Let's get creative together!