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Internet advertising

In what ways is advertising on the Internet the same as advertising through any other medium?

Internet advertising is similar to other forms of advertising because a publisher is involved in the integration of advertisement information into its online content. Advertisements on the Internet also involve an advertiser who ensures that advertisements are displayed on the Internet. A publisher and an advertiser are common to other advertising media. In addition, the advertising information on the Internet is the same as that contained in other advertising media (Danaher and Guy 259-260).

How is advertising on the Internet different from advertising in other media?

Advertising on the Internet is different from advertising via other media in several ways. Firstly, online advertising is the fastest form of advertising. Promotional materials reach the intended audience within the shortest time (Danaher and Guy 259-260). Advertisements in the newspapers and magazines take more time to reach the audience. Secondly, online advertisement is cheaper than most of the other forms of advertising. Thirdly, online advertising is the most customized form of advertising. The advertisement could target certain potential customers based on age, gender, and location.

What is the future of advertising on the Internet?

The future of advertising on the Internet has a lot of potential for growth. Given the high speed and customization associated with online advertising, this form of advertising will be a major form of advertising which most business organizations will adopt in the future. The trends in online advertising are very promising (Huaqing 20).

Evaluation of the Web sites in terms of their ability to create a good brand image and product position

The website has a good brand for its products. The images presented on the website depict the vehicles that the company sells. A potential customer develops some interest based on the images. However, the website does not have an appealing product positioning. It does not describe the intended product segmentation.

The website has an excellent brand image based on how it presents the images of its products (vehicles). It also has an ideal product positioning whereby it attracts some potential customers who would be interested in purchasing vehicles to be used during holidays. Excellent product positioning should be designed in such a way that different market segments are targeted for different products. For example, there are differences in preferences of vehicles among the old and young people. Product positioning should attempt to capture the two segments based on customer preferences (Ngai 235).

The website has a poor product image. Upon opening the site, a person realizes that there are no product images to be visualized. It would be essential to have some images on the home page of the website so that potential customers are attracted by seeing the images. Websites designed for advertising and promoting sales of products have their best product images on the home page because many potential customers visit the home pages of companies first. Although the website does not have a good product image, it has an excellent product positioning. Its products are targeting different market segments. For example, the website targets customers interested in buying used Japanese vehicles. It also targets customers interested in importing Toyota cars.

Recommendations for Falcon-International Corporation on how their marketers should promote their products

Marketers at Falcon-International Corporation would be asked the following questions:

  1. How long do you intend to run your promotional campaign?
  2. How much money will be allocated for the promotional campaign?
  3. What market segment will you be targeting with your promotional campaigns?
  4. What form of advertising are you planning to use in your promotional campaigns?

The marketers in the international company should consider customer preferences to ensure that they will attract them to buy their products. They should implement promotional campaigns targeting different customers across the world. They should consider cultural and geographical factors before they implement the promotional campaigns.

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