Apple iPad: Marketing of Technological Innovations

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Apple used a number of communication tools to establish rapport with its potential customers. The company positioned itself as the innovator and the adopter of the new technologies in the market. The customers waited for the announcement of the new developments and new products by Apple. The reputation and brand loyalty helped the company to launch Ipad successfully.


The company faced a number of issues when launching Ipad. First of all, it was obvious that the product was aimed at repeating the success of the iPhone. However, in contrast to the iPhone, Ipad lacked the functions of the phone and many of the functions of personal computers. It took some middle position among the phone and the computer with the design similar to the iPhone and the appropriation similar to the computer. Therefore, the company had to develop a specific marketing strategy for this product. The public relations always played a great role in Apple’s marketing campaign. However, it was necessary to use different tools to attract potential customers. The issue was how to persuade the customers of the usefulness of the product.


Undoubtedly, economic theory and marketing techniques might have been applied to develop an effective strategy for Ipad launching. In particular, the conception of the product differentiation was one of the most frequently used in highly competitive markets. In order to survive and to compete successfully, the firms had to enrich their products with unique features in order to make them stand out in the market.


My analysis is conducted from a firm-based perspective. In my opinion, the strategy of differentiation is one of the best for launching products similar to the Ipad. However, it is obvious that the company should not only make the product different but also inform the public about the difference. That is why significant investments are required for the realization of this strategy. The PR campaign should be used to make the customers aware of the product’s unique features and to persuade them that they need this product. The customers tend to trust well-known companies. The brand image and the reputation of the company can be used to promote the product. Apple made the customers believe that it was cool to have the company’s products. It proved itself as a leader in the market of technological innovations. After the successful launch of the iPhone, the customers expected another stellar product by Apple. That is why the marketing campaign for the promotion of the Ipad might assume the emphasis on the company’s reputation.


In order to summarize all the above mentioned, it should be said that the promotion of the Ipad required a well-defined marketing campaign. The company used the differentiation strategy and benefited from the brand loyalty and high reputation of the company.


Instead of focusing on the brand name, the company could promote its product by decreasing the price. The affordable price together with the previous success of the iPhone could allow Apple to seizing the greater weight of the market. The drawback of this strategy was the repositioning of the company’s brand. The broadening of the target audience contradicted the company’s image of the top market producer.

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