Old Spice Company’s Marketing Mix

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Old Spice produces body sprays, antiperspirants, deodorants, and body wash, which are applied on the body to smell fresh. The products are packaged in cans, where the logo is displayed surrounded by the brand name ‘Old Spice’ to make the product recognizable and unique (Mortimer, Brooks, Smith & Hiam, 2012). The packaging of its products has a unique bright red appearance that helps in differentiation. The products are branded in such a way that they have an interesting image that is pleasing to the consumers. The products can be differentiated from those of the competitors through their packaging. The products have images and logos displayed on them and this makes them pleasing to the eyes and customers can easily choose them from the counter.


The distribution route for the product involves the manufacturer, the wholesaler, the retailer and finally the consumer. Old Spice has different assortment of products and they all follow the distribution channels. Considering that the company advertises all its products, the products have to be made available to the customers to ensure they have a variety to choose from. The products are shipped to global markets where distributors supply them to the wholesalers, who in turn use the retailers to deliver the products to the end users. There is vast market for ‘Old Spice’ in the US and the distribution channels assist in getting the products to the end users. Customers can easily find the products in supermarkets, malls, and retail shops such as Woolworths and Coles. There are also pharmacies such as Priceline. The company has an online platform where it uses services from eBay and Amazon to sell its products. The products gather more sales from discount shops such as Costco, than other retail outlets. The company chooses to follow the distribution channels to get to all target markets. Before customers decide to purchase a product, they assess its availability, delivery and customer service. The manufacturer may be unable to deliver the products to all the outlets without using the distribution channels.


The company uses technology to promote its product through mobile apps, websites and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (Mortimer et al., 2012). Old Spice uses social media to notify potential customers of new products. Old Spice Fresh was first introduced to the market through a photo of a bare-chested man on a horse doing rounds on the internet. The social media sites are also used by the company to get feedback from the customers. The company also promotes its products through different media such as radios, TVs, magazines, and newspapers. The latest promotional strategy by Old Spice is a video named ‘Mom Song’ and has a funny homage that shows the dysfunctional connection between sons and their moms (Kay, 2006). The video received over one million views on YouTube. Most of the other companies do not use social media and the internet to promote their products. Old Spice is now planning to capture the attention of women by promoting products that serve the interests of women. The products by Old Spice are promoted targeting men both young and old depending on their financial status.


The price range for the products has been determined according to social classes and consumers can get products for prices they can afford. The prices are favorable when compared to those of the competitors. The prices of the products range from $2.99 to $39.99 considering there are different types of products and retail stores where the products are purchased from. Those priced at $39.99 are high endurance products whereas those sold at $2.99 are ordinary antiperspirants. When considering the prices of the products at Wal-Mart with those of the competitors, they are almost similar. Ordinary Suave and Secret retail at a price range of $3 with those of high endurance retailing at $35.


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