Under Armor Company: Competitive Strategies


With reference to the heightening competition in the sportswear industry, there is a great need for Under Armor Company to adopt the most competitive strategies. The company should be very conscious and tactical in its endeavors to expand into the Chinese market. The products of the company should be adequately designed too much expectations and needs of the consumers. The company should expand more sports products lines in the Chinese markets. This will include swimming, soccer and basketball sports products. The high potentiality of the Chinese markets gives a justification for the success of the company (Stone and Desmond 73).

In regards to the product, Under Armor will seek to find out needs and expectations of the customer concerning the goods. The specials aspects of the product which will satisfy the consumer should be considered. The key features of the products, such as their use, appearance, color and sizes, are to be considered. The issue of product differentiation will be also prioritized so as to help in marketing the product. Other special considerations in designing the products are the issues of safety, styling, warranty, packaging and brand name. By considering these aspects, Under Armor will be in a position to bring the products adequately to fit the Chinese market (Stone and Desmond 73).

Promotional strategy

On the other hand, the issue of promotion is to be given the optimum consideration by the company in marketing the products. Under Armor should be efficient in adopting the most competitive promotional strategies. These are simply the strategies, which the company will use to inform the consumers about the products. These will help in generating a positive customer response, thus boosting the company’s sales. Key promotional decisions include the use of advertisement, personal selling, public relations, sales promotions and marketing communication budget. All these aspects should be considered in making marketing communication decisions (Gelder and Woodcock 92).

In order to attain success in promoting the products in China, Under Armor should adopt social media, sponsorships, traditional advertisement and retail experience and celebrity endorsements. Through adherence to these marketing strategies, the company will be able to popularize its products effectively in the Chinese market. It should be noted that there are significant technological developments in China, thus making the use of social media very appropriate for Under Armor (Gelder and Woodcock 92).

International Organizational Structure & Human Resources

Based on the need for success in the Chinese market, Under Armor will be obligated to adopt the most efficient organizational structure. In this case, International Area Structure stands to be the most efficient for Under Armor in China. With reference to the fact that Under Armor will be new to the Chine market, this organizational structure will help it to be organized in geographic regions. This organizational structure offers the company the ability to focus on the regions it is to operate. Under Armor will be able to tailor the needs of product mobility in the region, thus boosting efficiency (Ball 67).

The issue of the human resources will be also catered by this organizational structure, whereby the company will be able to hire specialized managers and employees from the local community. With this in mind, the issues of culture, economy and social barriers which might have faced the company otherwise will be overcome. In order to ensure efficiency and optimum productivity, all the aspects of the human resources will be adhered to. This includes the provision of a better remuneration, thus motivating employees (Briscoe et al 52).

Operation and Supply Chain

The operations of Under Armor in China should be also highly aligned with the current market structure. With regards to the menace of competition, Under Armor should be efficient in devising effective market operations and strategies. For instance, the use of business to business relationships can not be neglected in enhancing the success of Under Armor in China. In this case, Under Armor will partner local companies so as to boost its marketing operations. The issue of supply chains will be also adopted, whereby the company will cooperate with local companies to acquire various products and raw materials to boost its production as well as distribution (Bozarth and Handfield 81).

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