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The current global economy is marked by increased production of goods and services by different companies. Therefore, marketing and advertising have become important facets of trade for companies. Firms have realized the efficiency and effectiveness of e-commerce in business enhancement; thus, e-marketing serves as a marketing enhancer. Many companies have opted to diversify their marketing functions by adopting online marketing practices. As a result of this, marketing companies have propped up. They act as an independent business firms whose main objective is to help companies in marketing products and services. Examples of marketing companies are,, and These companies adopt different marketing strategies though the companies apply similar strategies (Morris, Honeycutt & Pitt, 2001).

This is an online business marketing platform that connects Chinese manufacturing firms, suppliers, suppliers, wholesalers, and traders to buyers from all over the world. It has been in operation for approximately 13 years. The mission of this marketing platform is to facet Chinese export enterprises with worldwide buyers by offering professional services and strong and detailed business links. The main objective of this marketing is to expand Chinese products across the entire globe. The more the Chinese products access newer markets, the more the company benefits. Unlike other companies, which target markets in the world, targets different markets in the world because of the volumes of goods its markets. The company has been forced to diversify its target market because of the prevalent competition in the world. Earlier on, it targeted the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Asian region (Madeinchina Website, 2012).

The company advertises products from many Chinese firms. This is evident in the homepage of the company, which enlists the category of products that are marketed by the company. Each category specifies the products whose details are further explicated when a buyer selects the option. It advertises products by specifying the category of sales in which the products are being offered, for instance, wholesale products, among others. The website of the company is customized in that relatively new products are advertised on the main page. Also, products with new products and offers are advertised on the main webpage of the company while others are accessed through the search engine (Madeinchina Website, 2012). is another online Indian marketing company. It is a business to the business website, which was formed in the year 2006. Its major purpose is to facilitate global trading activities by consolidating buyers and sellers globally and uniting them on a unified trade platform. Just like, the company has a limitless target market. It intends to market its products in the entire world. The objective of the company is to offer a platform that links traders with manufacturers wholesalers in the entire globe to buyers, wholesalers, importers and exporters, and distributors. The company has been able to reach over 220 countries. The company works on increasing efficiency and effectiveness in international trade for trading companies, having been awarded quality standardization certifications – ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. The second quality standardization ensures that issues of online security are adhered to by the company (Fu, 2009).

The company advertises a wide range of products and services belonging to different companies. This is a strategy used by the company so as to capture a big share of customers who seek a range of products. The products come from different industries. The details of these products are given to customers who visit the online market – the website of the company. The company has categorized each company with the products from the country to ease customer search. The latest buying and selling offers for products are placed on the homepage of the website of the company. The company supplies information concerning the market of products to the buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers (Fu, 2009). is an online marketing firm dealing in business to business e-commerce activities. It is categorized in the top 100 list of online marketing companies in the world. Like the first two companies discussed above, this firm also deals in the marketing of a wide range of products in different regions. The purpose of the company is to provide an online marketing environment that is innovative and which will attract more sellers and customers. The company also helps in branding products for the company it markets for so that they can be enticing to customers (Alibaba Website, 2012).

Among these regions are North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The products that are marketed by the company come from different manufacturing and selling companies. The company specializes in negotiating favorable prices of products for customers who use the company in access to these products. The company offers inspection services to products through its inspectors. This is meant to enhance the quality of products before releasing them in the market. This is linked to the branding exercise by the company. It also assesses the suppliers of products to ensure that it has the full details of the origin of the products being marketed. Unlike the first two companies, centers more on branding strategies in marketing products and services for the company. This is perhaps the reason why it is one of the most trusted online marketing companies. It is visited by approximately 8 million people each day (Alibaba Website, 2012).


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