DrGlen.com Company’s Customer Service


A business may outperform its competitors only if it can create a difference in its customer services. The company must deliver superior values to the customers or establish comparable services at a favorable cost, or perform both. The delivery of great deals with a well-established customer care service will usually enhance efficiency and loss reduction in the organization. This essay, therefore, presents an assessment of the customer operations at DrGlen.com and recommendation on the changes that are necessary for their customer service and ordering operations.

Customer services at DrGlen.com

The customer service operation at DrGlen.com from the beginning has been operating well with its customers like Rezvani appreciating the good services she had been receiving from the company. The company has been attending to its customers in a reasonable manner, with the customer service department attending to customers’ needs in a timely manner. Mrs. Rezvani gives a clear testimony on how DrGlen.com has shown a lot of maturity in its services for the last five years.

This ascertains that the system operations and the customer service departments have been perfecting their duties. However, the company’s customer service operations have some complications with their data entry procedures with respect to the company’s service delivery programs.

The complex procedures are the primary source of complaints that the company ought to address in case they would want to keep their loyal customers. More often, system programming does not give clear instructions to the customer who wants to purchase the company’s products online, causing ghost delivery of products. In addition, customer service providers are not severe with their customers. For instance, they tend to refer customers for later services instead of solving their problems in the very moment of need.

Motyka versus Mrs. Rezvani

The success of every business depends on the relationship between its customers and the company. Therefore, a company that needs to maximize its profit must ensure that it keeps its existing customers and acquire new ones to obtain a competitive advantage in the market. Good relations and pleasant delivery of services to customers will also enable the company to purchase a good reputation in the industry. As for the case of Motyka and Mrs. Rezvani, Motyka should ensure that he keeps his customer-Mrs.

Rezvani, in this case- by writing an apology letter with a clear explanation of what might have resulted in the wrong service delivery during their transaction. This will ensure that the loyalty of Mrs. Rezvani is retained so that she can continue being a strong customer to the company. Motyka should also request Mrs. Rezvani not to post a bad review at resellerrating.com as this will damage the company’s image.

Furthermore, Motyka should advise Mrs. Rezvani on the dangers of keeping a product which she thinks is wrongfully sent to her by the customer service providers of the company. She should be made to understand that this may be deemed to be a double request of the product, and therefore she may be requested to pay more for the product. For that matter, Motyka should inform Mrs. Rezvani to write emails to the company in case she thinks something is not right with the delivery services of the products or anything that does not seems to be clear with a given explanation. Since errors may occur in the delivery system, Motyka should assure Mrs. Rezvani that a repeat of the same may not happen in the future delivery and customer care services of the company.


Business is a complex entity that requires proper coordination of all its operating departments. Dr. Motyka being a manager, has to ensure that every department of his company efficiently performs its duty for the benefit of the company. Dr. Motyka’s customer service department should have more attendants to ensure that all customers’ inquiries are attended to. Therefore, customer service needs to be developed in such a way that it can serve many customers at the same time. This will ensure that customers do not wait in line or at times fail to be attended to.

Additionally, Motyka should alter the policy of giving a 20% discount to customers to whom they accidentally send products; instead, they should call back the products. This will expose the weakness of the company’s customer service system, and customers may take advantage of launching complaints to be given discounts that they do not deserve. For ordering operation system, Motyka should ensure that the system is reprogrammed with clear instructions that customers can follow when making an order.

This will certainly help in reducing errors being made by customers when making orders and the cost of delivering products to an intending customer. Moreover, Motyka should consider creating a different automatic supply system and refill order supply system to avoid confusion among customers when making orders.


It is evident from Dr. Glen’s Case that customer service delivery in an organization is both an opportunity and a challenge. The consistent delivery of vital services needs careful design and execution of the whole system activities such as processes, capital, customers, employees, and technology. The companies that can manage these system activities may stand out with a sustainable competitive advantage.

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