Human Resource Management as a Priority Strategy

Human Resource Management becomes a critical part of strategic management in different business organizations. The managerial process addresses every aspect in a company. It deals with all the concerns related to the employees, such as performance, wellness, communication, training, and talent development. Majority of business organizations consider the approach crucial to improve the performance of their business.

When a company adopts HRM as its managerial strategy, it definitely promotes the organizational culture and working environment (Enz, 2009). The approach considers modern tactics to improve strategic thinking and add value to managerial processes. HRM presents a new approach to improve the direction of the business, demonstrate value and promote competitive advantage. Human resource management addresses most of the problems in the hospitality industry.

The process considers the wellness and the wellbeing of the customers. This is because the customers are very important for the business success. Organizations consider human resource management as a critical part of strategic management in improving business performance and service delivery.


Enz, C. (2009). Hospitality Strategic Management Concepts and Cases. New York: Wiley.

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