“The Storage Box” Project Overview

​Customer needs statement

The storage box under design will specifically target trade people who currently have some form of storage arrangement in their cars but are not satisfied with them because of several issues. Some found their current storage boxes they have too heavy to carry. Then some have had issues with security locks, which they found easily destroyable. Finally, a substantial number that had to deal with leaks during rainy days. The cost of alternative storage boxes is an issue that was taken into consideration for the current design because over 20% of the respondents found it expensive to replace the storage boxes they are already using. Additional features such as hooks to help secure the box in place, especially when the car is in motion were also a key consideration aspect of the design.

Below is a summary of the customer needs.

Customer needs Rating
The box should be able to hold heavy-duty equipment and withstand any pressure that may be placed on it, by the contents, with the usage of the vehicle in off-road situations. 10
The box should also be weather resistant, such that it can withstand corrosion arising from wet conditions. 8
The security locks should also maintain their sanctity even after an extended period of usage. They should also not be affected by changing weather conditions. 7.5
The materials used in the design tie in with all the above points, such that they can withstand physical pressure and weather changes. 6
The box in the design should be as practically easy to use as possible. It should come ready for fitting in the car and should not require the customer to modify the car to make it fit. Hooks to secure it in place are desirable additional features. 3.5

​Project overview

Storage arrangements, especially in vehicles owned by trade people are normally subjected to a lot of pressure, especially because they more often than not carry heavy-duty equipment. As such, a lot of thought needs to be put into their design to ensure that they suit the needs of the user, and maintain durability.

​Product concept

For a storage box to meet the needs of most users, it must be durable, practical, and easily accessible. By increasing the number of usages it can be subjected to, it becomes easier to get customers from across the board.

To meet the durability requirement raised by the customers, the proposed storage box will be made of heavy-duty material, which will prevent any damage caused by the transportation of heavy equipment.

For the practicality element, rubber mats to keep out the noise generated by the coming together of car and box parts will be included.

Finally, for ease of access, the storage box has been divided into compartments, to make it easy for the customer to put items that are used regularly reachable without a struggle.


The impact of this product will be felt by two primary stakeholders. These are:

​The customer

These are the people who will interact with the product on a day-to-day basis and they will appreciate the convenience and peace it brings to their lives. Individuals can store their products in the box while at the same time appreciating its ease of use.

​JAG Management

Once the product hits the market and picks up in terms of popularity, it is anticipated that over 500 units will be sold per month. With a unit going for an average of $80, sales will yield a gross of $40,000 per month. These are numbers that will get more powerful investors interested in the product, as a result of which sales growth will be achieved.

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