IPhone: Features and Market Concepts


The iphone is a communication device manufactured by Apple Inc; it is highly valued due to its high speed internet connectivity and multimedia nature. It was introduced in the year 2007, since then the sales have continuously grown as characterized by the enormous contribution it makes to the revenue turnover of Apple Inc. The iPhone can be easily used by individuals across different demographic groups with the highest percentage reported in teenagers. The iPhone is rich in useful features therefore attracting consumers with different needs; these features include a video recorder, camera, voice control, internet access, maps and compass. The price of the iPhone varies with the level of sophistication thus the existence of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S. These two phones have different qualities especially in relation to the screen resolution and size of the storage media. The iPhone 3G with a storage capacity of 8GB costs $199, the other models such as iPhone 3G S with a storage capacity of 16GB and that with storage capacity of 32GB are more costly. The strategy utilized by Apple Inc in ensuring successful introduction of the gadget into the market and subsequent maintenance of sales is dependent on careful analysis of the product life cycle. Factors such as good packaging, advertising and the fact that Apple Inc commands a high level of loyalty from its consumer base has contributed to the success of the product in the market (Foresman 2008).

Features of the iPhone

The features of the Iphone make it possible for an individual to derive maximum satisfaction from using it. The most notable feature is the reliability of the iPhone as a communication device, in addition to this; the device is fast especially in connecting to the internet as evident in fast opening of web pages. This high speed also makes it easier to download and upload attachments. The iPhone has the ability to share internet connectivity with the lap top and notebook through the tethering facilities. These qualities indicate that the iPhone not only symbolizes technological development but also highlights the complexity of the phone that is in line with the needs of many users. The iPhone 3G S has a video recorder; this is an important feature because it makes it quite convenient to shoot videos, it is therefore appropriate to appreciate the convenience in using such a phone in the process of making videos (Apple Inc 2009). It should not be lost on an individual that an iPhone can also be used to edit and share videos. The presence of a mega pixel camera is an attractive feature as it makes it possible for a user to take photos that have a clear resolution, furthermore the camera can easily rotate therefore making it easier to take pictures from different directions (Apple Inc 2009).

Voice control is a feature that makes it possible to issue directions to the phone by word of mouth, the iPhone recognizes the names and list of music present in the phonebook such that when an individual needs to make a call he or she just asks the phone to dial the connection. This feature is quite advantageous especially in the event of an accident that incapacitates an individual’s limbs. The number of phones that have a compass and map capable of guiding the user especially in locations unknown to him or her are countable, this therefore places the iPhone at an advantageous position in comparison to other phones (Apple Inc 2009).

The security features that characterize the iPhone are quite admirable, this is especially the case when an individual misplaces the phone or loses it. It only takes a second to log into me.com and establish the location of the phone, in case it is lost, then the phone can be locked making it difficult for someone to access the present in the phone.

iPhone’s market concepts

Market research carried out by Apple Inc prior and after the introduction of the Iphone provides information on consumer needs. This makes it possible for the company to continuously shift strategies in an effort to meet the needs of the end user. Effective pricing as a marketing strategy is employed by Apple Inc in order to increase the volume of sales; this incorporates the utilization of price cuts in target markets which are characterized by difficulty in product penetration. The less sophisticated iPhone is quite cheap thus suitable for a specific consumer group.

The benefits associated with purchasing the iPhone make it a preferred option for consumers; it has a one year warranty that cushions the consumers against the possibility of incurring losses in the event that the phone is faulty, in addition to this Apple Inc provides continuous maintenance services for a period of three years, this is however optional. The physical characteristics of the iPhone especially its feather weight compounded with its storage capacity makes it quite easy to advertise and sell (Apple Inc 2009).

Innovation is a major contributor to the success of the iPhone. This is achieved through the utilization of different sets of techniques especially related to communication; the iPhone achieves a middle ground between the computer and the phone thus its reference as a means of communication via the internet; it is worth noting that the iPhone can be used in retrieving information through URLs. The developmental stages through which the iPhone goes through is characterized by application of professional services which then leads to management, reengineering, integration and testing of the final product.

The iPhone is advertised in different ways, the most notable is the Apple Inc website that provides a detailed account of the qualities of the gadget. It enables a potential consumer to gain insight into the reasons why the iPhone is a better choice compared to other phones present in the market. The website is also detailed in providing guidelines necessary for first time users to effectively utilize the product (Cohen 2007). The iPhone is also advertised on the television, the most common advertisements are present on Apple TV and other broadcasting stations across the globe. It is worth noting that Apple’s advertisements are also present in emerging markets especially in China and Africa, this is in the print media (Cohen 2007).

The iPhone has distinct packaging designs that entail the use of potato based starch in a cardboard. This mode of packaging has lower levels of carbon emission furthermore the levels of energy used in the process are low. The visual aspects of the packaging content are likely to attract consumers especially the bag that encloses the whole product, its color, texture and pattern make the appearance of the product more appealing. The presence of starch packaging makes it easier for the product to resist pressure, vibration at the same time it makes it easier for the product to resist poor handling techniques (Notcot 2007).

Apple Inc enjoys an admirable level of consumer following especially on the iPhone gadget. This is occasioned by the low prices and an increase in the levels of advertisement, this has attracted a specific demographic group especially the teens thus the aspect of loyalty.


The advent of technology and in this particular case the iPhone has led to changes in the mode of communication across the country. The features of the phone allows for instant messaging, internet access and other entertainment features. It is worth appreciating the effort put in place by Apple Inc in carrying out market research, advertising and ensuring continuous innovative techniques are utilized (Apple Inc 2009).This contributes to the overall success of the product.


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