Aztec Rose Company’s Marketing Mix Strategy

Marketing mix strategy will help the Aztec Rose company to achieve its marketing objectives. In this case, it will be done in relation to the 4Ps of marketing. These include product, price, place and promotion. Aztec Rose has remained and is still an outstanding Australian brand (Aztec Rose 2010, p. 6). As a matter of fact, it has given a fashion voice to the feminine.

The company’s marketing strategy will consist of product strategies, pricing strategies, distribution strategies and promotion strategies. Because it has given a fashion voice to the feminine, its product strategy should be focused on good designs. This can be explained from the fact that it only supplies first class surf and beachwear to retailers (Aztec Rose 2010, p. 9). To continue enticing its market it will continually enhance its brand to satisfy diverse consumer interests. In addition, it will also increase its product line and collections.

Price plays an important role in determining the demand for a given product. Because the market is very competitive, the firm will engage itself in good pricing strategies to entice more retailers (Aztec Rose 2010, p. 16). As a matter of fact, these prices will be arrived at after an effective market research has been done in relation to competitor prices. This will enable the company to keep pace with the current market trends that will give value to customers.

The company has a good distribution strategy as it supplies various retailers in distinct markets. Apart from its traditional and existing markets, the company wants to enter new markets like US and European markets. This will therefore force it to enter into partnerships to enhance its distribution strategy (Aztec Rose 2010, p. 21). In addition, it will also build good relationships with various retailers to enhance its distribution network. The number of stockists will also be increased to meet any surge in demand.

Because the company wants to enter new markets in US and Europe, it should enhance its promotion strategies for sustainability (Aztec Rose 2010, p. 13).This will be done through vibrant advertising activities to reach new customers and retain existing ones. In addition, it should also use sales promotion to attract good and effective retailers as they hold the key to success.

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