Turner Hotel’s Receptionist’s Portfolio

Receptionists are very important people in a hotel. Like in any business, good service ensures that your customers keep on coming back. A satisfied customer means a profitable business for the owner and a continued job security for me. As a receptionist at the Turner Hotel I would make sure that I give my best service. This would mean that I do not only keep my employer and customers happy but that I would be happy for having a job that can sustain me. For this reason I would employ certain tactics to make sure that everyone is satisfied. (Bradley 2000)

In order to achieve this objective there is need for a good customer relation. To achieve this I would make sure that I relate with my customers on a personal level. There is nothing more pleasant than when a receptionist calls you by name. This gives you a sense of belonging. This is one of the most important things I would use when dealing with old customers. With new customers I would make sure that I relate with them in such a way that they would find it irresistible not to come back. This would involve giving them my best smile, telling them about the neighborhood if they are new in the area and telling them about what I think is the best dish in the menu. (Braham 1993)

The check in system in any hotel goes a long way in telling whether a customer will be satisfied or not. At the Turner Hotel I would expect to see an all around the clock security system to make sure that our customers feel safe. This is a very important aspect especially for customers who check in at night. When dealing with a guest who has made a reservation I would expect the management to make sure that all that the customer has ordered for is supplied to avoid disappointments and arguments with our customers. The management should also make sure that they provide an extra service above what was ordered for to keep the customer happy. This is something like helping them with things they would like to get outside the precincts of the hotel. A chance guest should be handled with a lot of care as this are the ones who make repeat customers. As I said from the outset of this a happy customer will always come back. It’s often said that first impressions matter a lot. This is especially true with a hotel because people will judge you by the impressions they get at first. (Bradley 2000)

Sometimes a large number of visitors will check in at the hotel and this may cause constriction of space leading to overbooking. This happens especially during holiday seasons and during major events that may be happening in a certain town. While this means added profits for the hotel it may have legal implications. This would happen if during the stay Turner Hotel caught fire and there were casualties. This would pose challenges when dealing with insurance claims because it’s an offense for any institution to admit more people than their required capacity. (Dix & Baird 1998)

In a case where an organization like Exelsior Tours makes a group booking there would be several things to consider before their request is granted. It would be important to first confirm the availability of the 40 rooms between the 23rd and 26th June. The benefit of group bookings is that it’s so profitable for the hotel and once a group uses a facility it’s very likely to redo it. This ensures continuous business. (Dix & Baird 1998)

It is clear that receptionists play a very crucial role in hotels. They should therefore be treated with great care just like the customers they serve by the management. This will ensure that the hotel continues to make profits. They should also be involved in the decision making of the hotel since they have important ideas that can be valuable to the hotel.


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