The Problem of Immigration in XIX Century and Today

Immigration is a universal process which takes place from ancient times till now. Immigration takes place almost in every country, but the rate of immigration is different depending on the country and economic and political factors, which either support immigration or not. The United States of America is the country that has always been one of the most immigrated countries. The peak of immigration in the USA turns to the late XIX century when people from different parts of the world went there and created a lot of problems for the native inhabitants of the country.

Industrialization and globalization, quick economical development of the United States of America were the main reasons why people from other countries went there. Earning money and helping the family members in the native countries were the priority aim of the immigrants. The other reason why the citizens of the other countries went to the USA in the XIX century was low labor market conditions in their native countries. People were coming for American in the most liberal country of that world. To get the work and to make stable life in America was easier (for those who managed to find a job) than for those who left in native low developed countries (O’Rourke and Williamson 119-124). The reasons for modern immigration are rather different. The job and financial part of the issue remains important, but the main. America was the main country for immigration for many years and a lot of people, after coming there for a job, remained. The family connections are very tie, and this becomes the reason for descendants and relatives to join their families in America now.

Immigration was a very notable process in the life of Americans. The notability was not only in the number of people, who were coming but also in the impact, which they imparted on the Americans. In addition, the reaction to the immigrants from the side of Americans was different. Some people were set up hostile for the minority which was formed in the country, the others considered them as the cheap labor force. So, it may be said that the opinions shared about the response of Americans to the immigration in XIX century. The negative reaction was also supported by the fact that the cheap labor was of poor quality, and that the financial cost had to be spent on medical care and education of these people, whose taxes were rather limited.

There were a lot of different legislations, which tried to reduce illegal immigration in the United States. Oklahoma is one of the states, which offered its program of immigrant elimination and this program works successfully. The law was accepted, Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007, which was started as House Bill 1804 and the citizens began to call it 1804. The main idea of the law is that the licenses of the employers, who knowingly hire illegal immigrants, will be revoked. Such measure was very successful in combat with illegal immigrants, as employers were frightened and dismissed all illegal immigrants, who either returned home or went to the other states, where laws are not so strict. This law also made the transportation of illegal immigrants a serious crime and denied “driver’s licenses and public benefits, such as money for rent and fuel” (Morrow, 2009).

The Oklahoma state provided a very strict and severe action, but it worked. The question is whether all people are satisfied with this law? The question is obvious, no. But on the other side, the negative impact on the economy and the level of life of the Native Americans lowers. As an example, the low-skilled specialists in different fields suffer first of all. Immigrants are offered low wages for their work, which could be done by the graduate, but graduates, in their turn, do not want to work for such small wages, and employers do not want to pay more if they can pay less. The ethical problems appear in the society (conflicts, fights, and violence, which is directed against immigrants). As it is seen from the Oklahoma situation, the incomes from the taxes are omitted by the immigrants, but money on their social insurance is provided. The Americans suffer from the immigrants, but nothing effective can be done, even though a lot of laws were adopted and measured provided.

So, the problem of immigration, and especially illegal immigration, remain one of the most significant problems for today. The United States of America can offer great opportunities for people, but at the same time, it cannot sustain the flow of immigrants, which never stops. The rights and freedoms of the Native Americans begin to suffer as immigrants are eager to work for a small salary, while Americans will never agree with such sums. The reasons for the immigration are almost the same now, that they were two centuries ago, and they will be in the future, as America is a powerful country with a stable economy and which reserves will never exhaust.

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