“Life Without Children” by Thomas E. Fitzpatrick

Society is built up of people and it’s the children who grow into people. But what happens when the number of children on this planet starts to decrease? Will that be the end of society or maybe even the world as we know it today?

Baby Slump!

The article I have chosen to review is “Life Without Children: The New Generation Gap” which was written by Thomas E. Fitzpatrick and published in the Spring 2009 issue of Vision Magazine.

The article talks about how the whole setup of family life in today’s world has changed drastically from the way it used to be in the 1960s. Where in the ’60s, life used to revolve around the children and family affairs, it has now changed to center on oneself. Priorities have changed and the balance has tilted to the importance of having a college degree, a career and an individual identity to be recognized by. Marriage now is not considered to be something that involves the entire family but is seen as the testimony of commitment between the spouses only and stays like that for a very long time.

This new trend is not only visible in the United States but is also in many countries of Europe. The importance children used to have in people’s life has almost but disappeared. This has brought about the whole single-parent concept and the failure of happy homes.

People don’t realize it at the time but children are the foundation that strengthens the home and it is because of them everything becomes bearable. The setup has entirely changed where people have put themselves first as the most important which seems more convenient.

Are we Doing the Right Thing?

Will this new trend have dire consequences on the way we are living? We seem to be doing all right so far and many would even say that this has brought about more productivity and achievements in the world. But is that what life is really about? Is the purpose in life is to live life just for ourselves and never make a difference or touch anyone else’s in a special way? I don’t think so and I guess many people still have to understand that. Life 40 years ago was much more peaceful. People were much more satisfied and content with the lives they led because of the family they had around them. A family that supported them through thick and thin! And when all failed, children were there who would never fail to bring about a smile in the grimmest times. Maybe that’s why divorce rates weren’t as high then.


This article showed a profound change in our lives compared to half a century ago. Where life was slower, more peaceful and more considerate for others back then, now we have given up these characteristics for a faster, more competitive, and achievement-oriented world. I don’t deny that this change has led our society to become more advanced in terms of technology and science but all this change is in vain? Have our lives completely lost the purpose of society, family, and children for a virtual world? I think this is the wrong direction we are moving in. This article is related to the course since it makes us realize that actions have consequences and these actions are leading us away from a family-oriented social welfare society.

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