S&S Recycling Company’s Opportunity and Finance

Executive Summary

S&S Recycling Company deals with recycled material and offers foam, pad, washers, dryers, refrigerators, hot water heaters, 100% nylon carpet, and some metal and aluminum items. The company works with carpet and furniture companies. Even though the market is highly competitive, S&S Recycling Company remains one of the leaders in the sphere due to several reasons. Implementing successful pricing policy, S&S Recycling Company offers a much more flexible policy in comparison with other companies and offers the clients free pick up from the locations without any charge and providing free bins.

Having been working for 10 years, the company has managed to gain much success, get many regular customers and receive positive image. It is essential that even though recycling manufacturing affects nature, there are many aspects which confirm that this type of production positively affects environment and helps the planet remain green. Market opportunities of S&S Recycling Company are huge as apart from furniture and carpet industry, it has a range of other sectors it can operate into. The products and services may also be enlarged with the spread of its services in metal sector. Thus, using its additional opportunities connected with metal recycling, the company can increase its share in another business niche of recycling. One of the most successful aspects of the company development is management team which works for the benefit of the company and for increasing its potential and income.

Market Opportunity

Speaking of market opportunities of recycling business in general, it should be stated that more and more people become involved into the green movement. The declining of the movement power in 2004s has been changed by the increase of human interest in the planet destiny and the life of further generations (Nisbet, 2012). Therefore, the market is going to expand in the future giving more and more opportunities for the recycling companies. Nowadays, S&S Recycling Company deals with foam, pad, washers, dryers, refrigerators, hot water heaters, 100% nylon carpet, and some metal and aluminum items.

Having been interested only in furniture and carpet production, S&S Recycling Company should think about spread of its business expanding its work on metal production. Looking at the raw materials and the company opportunities, S&S Recycling Company works much with metal. The market of metal is rather expanded and successful, therefore, the company under consideration should pay attention for this option. Furthermore, PET opportunities are not used up to the end as about 50% of unmanufactured material is burnt. On the one hand, the recycling potential is not used appropriately and the nature suffers (PRW Staff, 2013).


S&S Recycling works with specific companies which are able to provide it with necessary raw material for recycling and after necessary procedures sends the material for other companies which use them for producing carpets and furniture. People have already understood that using recycled material is more practical that applying to natural resources. More and more announcements about the catastrophe which awaits mankind due to the shortage of the natural resources have made many people reconsider their vision of life. The increase of the demand on recycled material and population awareness create supportive environment for developing recycling industry and implementing various services. Furniture industry may use recycled material of the company and provide it with raw material. S&S Recycling Company provides its customers with the unique opportunity. Clients of the company can expect free pick up from the locations without any charge and providing free bins. This is very important as transportation cots much and the offer of such services increases the company clients. Additionally, the pricing policy with flexible discounts offered for company clients is one more service which deserves attention.


S&S Recycling Company uses the direct strategy, working with companies without retailers and other particular agents. Working directly with the companies which provide S&S Recycling with raw materials which are to be recycled and delivering the already recycled material directly helps the company save much money. The absence of the medium stage is important strategic action of the company. Moreover, recycling materials for furniture factories, S&S Recycling Company has noticed that it has much metal materials which also can be recycled and presented for any company which deals with aluminum and other types of metal products.

Therefore, it is obvious that the present strategic idea developed in the company is the search for new clients and increase of the services it offers. Thus, the metal companies are also to be included. Having been in distance from the main rivals of the company, S&S Recycling Company has an opportunity to stress its green direction. Apart from the fact that the company recycles goods creating raw material for factories, it is located in the countryside. The pollution of the air which is inevitable while recycling procedure does not affect people and the particular strategies used by the company for cleaning air, water and soul are important.

Management Team

Management team of the company is not spread that reduces the costs on the board of directors. The company has an owner who has four top managers responsible for manufacturing at the plant, delivery of the materials which are to be recycled, supply of the already recycled materials to clients and staff manager. Each of these managers deals with particular departments and they are responsible to the company owner. Staff manager operates all over the whole company dealing with employees, their training and hiring. The manager who is responsible for manufacturing at the plant has a team of engineers who assure technical support in case of any problems. On time logistics and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Financial Analysis

Speaking of the financial analysis of the company, it should be said that the expansion of business s a good step forward. Having involved one more product for recycling, the company expects to increase its influence and to assure as many companies as possible in its profitability. Much money is spent on nature protection as recycling industry may be harmful. Having been working for 10 years in this industry, the company has understood that to increase the number of clients and customers it is necessary to increase the turnaround. There are a lot of companies which use materials irrationally. However, they are not aware of another way out. S&S Recycling Company assures other plants and factories that recycling of most of the products they throw away is useful to nature. Many companies do not sell but give the materials which may be recycled for free saving on garbage sorting and exportation.


Therefore, it may be concluded that S&S Recycling Company is one of the leading companies in the industry. It has been operating stable for a long period of time and the choice of expansion and entering a new metal market is a good idea.

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