Quality and Productivity in Organizations

For any organization to be successful in its production it requires review or preparation of its strategic plan. Strategic plan govern the organization in decision making, showing the objectives of the organization and clearly describes steps the organization will follow for the realization of those objectives. Kudler Company adopted Total Quality Management as essential techniques of measuring the success of the business.

Lack of quality management in the business has led to low quality production in many organization. Most company strives to produce quality product by accelerating the acquisition of the Total Quality Management. Chase, R., Jacobs, F., & Aquilano, N., (2006) define Total Quality Management as a methodology on business management that guide all the activities of workers in the organization with an aim of ensuring the satisfaction of clients by improving the quality of activities, goods and services. It create focus on quality throughout the country, bringing together the quality development of company culture by using management tools meant for designing and delivery of quality goods to customers. A victorious Total Quality Management brings management with behavioral and cultural background together.

There are several tools that can be used to measure quality and the satisfaction of the customers. One of the basic tools and techniques that is used to measure quality of the product and the client satisfaction is survey. Kudler was able to assess actions for the goals by identify the mix of the market. He defines the client satisfaction by use of survey tool. Kudler employed the use of survey to determine the development in the client’s outcomes reaction to get precise input concerning clients with the goods and services offered currently, (Kudler, 2008).

Food processing businesses whether small or medium must take into consideration the production of quality products for their successful gain. Clients are now conscious of the benefit of the quality products and services offered. Company can describe the effectiveness of their products by rending air space on televisions, radios, or advertising their products in magazines and newspapers. They emphasis if often made based on the contents in the products, giving branding or packages. Traders who supply raw produce like fruits which are dried to the intermediaries would ensure that their food meets the requirement standard as expected by their clients. This is more extensive particularly for the products to be exported.

A quality assurance method encompasses the production and distribution arrangement of goods and services from the producers via the intermediaries to the customers. This system should be documented to describe the responsibility and functions to be performed. The main objective of the quality assurance is avoidance which refers to efforts put in meeting requirement and preventing occurrence of the problems again through prior planning, effective management and agreement with the prospects producers and others in the distribution chain.

Another way of measuring the quality of the product and customer satisfaction is through continuous process improvement. Continuous quality improvement is a system that enables people to gain from an enhanced common process. It is an appraisal that consists of the arrangement, procedure and assessment of outcome whose main interest is on improvement efforts to find the causes of problems, involvement actions to get rid of or reduce the causes and making effort of changing the entire process. According to the data analysis, the information derived emphasizes areas of interest of the organization and thus assists the organization improving in its production and making correction where necessary (Claude W. B. & Johannes, L., 1999).

Strategic planning is an important tool for management that could lead to the realization of the organizational objectives. Strategic planning is a basis in which the organization makes decision. Organizations endeavor for strategic methods for time maximization, quality product and cost effectiveness. Creating, tracking and quantitative component analysis is the most important but difficult ways of implementing a successful strategic plan. Kudler, (2008) used four procedures; understanding the process, eliminating error, remove slack, and plan for continuous improvement as an improvement process.

In this paper survey tool and technique is regarded as the best in finding the solution to the test and desires of the clients. Marketing research is a means of getting information concerning the market supply and depicts changes in the market. Market research and survey tools are essential to determine the level of information awareness of the clients about goods and services. This according to Kudler is principally aimed at finding the clients satisfaction through improving the products supplied to them. Kudler stated their own goals and the objective of the business as well as conducting research on what is occurring in the market scene and also to find out their competitors and what actually they are dealing in, (Kudler, 2008).

This technique as used by the Kudler is implemented by the authority in charge of the store or site. The clients are allowed and given time to participate and provide response concerning the products offered in the business. The clients participating in this procedures should de faithful and potentially be willing to give accurate response based on their day to day used of the products, (Kudler, 2008). Kudler Company also conducted face to face interviews with their clients as another type of survey. The use of interview was meant to ask clients questions regarding their request and also was administered to find useful responses from the clients that are significant in correcting the mistakes made on the product or services and to retain and improve client satisfaction.

After conducting the study and the outcome implemented as recommended by the analyst, the business make a follow up to gather and evaluate the new system and find whether it is meeting the objectives of the business. The entire workers in Kudler Company in catering section are trained on the best manner of interacting and serving the clients. Feedback is gathered to assess the effectiveness of this interaction. This encouraged the clients as they feel that their opinions and request is considered by the company and in this case Kudler would be able to make changes in the areas of their weaknesses, Kudler, (2008).

Any company that is working to success considered clients as their main assets. For them to be able to realize their goals and objectives as stipulated in their strategic plan, they must collect the opinions of their clients and make correction as fast as possible to the satisfaction of the client. From this explanation we therefore see the effectiveness of the survey system as the best tools and techniques to be use for measuring the quality of the products and getting feedback from the clients concerning their satisfaction and their attitudes towards products and services offered by the company. Questionnaires and interviews are administered for gathering data and information.

Proper administering of Total Quality Management can be an effective method to shape any organization and assist in correcting, evaluating, analyzing and improving the production of the organization. The serious effects of the quality can be enhanced too. In this paper it is clear that survey system is an important tool for successful organization for maintaining and strengthening their competitive frame. Kudler, (2008) observe that continuous improvement of the operation of organization; quality management process and providing conducive work environment to the workers are the main key aspects to business success.


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