Oracle and PeopleSoft Comparison


This is the second largest software company in the world. The company has developed enterprise management software which has accounted for 32% of the company’s revenue. One of the industries that use this software is banking industry. They have been using it to manage the many functions that are found in the banking sector. This industry has finance section, the accounting section, the human resource sections, and the operations section. The Oracle business suite has good modules that are used in the banking sectors. The modules integrate well with each other so that they are auger well with the system. The financial computations that are performed in the financial sector are found to be integrating well with the ones found in the other sectors.

The other industry that uses this software suite is education sector. Most universities and colleges are using this software suite given the fact that there are departments that a student has to undergo through in the academic field. The students have to inquire about the payments they have made in the accommodation and the program they are in. Oracle system has been instrumental in this.

Manufacturing industry is another sector that is using Oracle system. Manufacturing industry, like education, have many modules which can be in integrated together so that they can be used as a whole. There are many to be desired in all of these modules.

Among all of these, the financial and banking sector is the most popular in the use of Oracle enterprise suite. Most banks have implemented this system as they find it resourceful and are they have been found to be successful and useful.


PeopleSoft increased the functionality of their software to include the functionalities that are used in corporate. The ERP system that was developed from this company included functionalities used for finance, materials management, distribution, supply chain planning, manufacturing and human resources. When the company introduced ERP system, her revenue increased from $32 million to $1.3 billion. The productivity and the popularity of the company was boosted by her acquisition of the Red Pepper company which produced supply chain management software and Vantage which produces customer relationship management software (Castells 28-31).

PeopleSoft have been used mostly in the manufacturing industry. There are many features that make this system work with this sector well.


The features for implementation Oracle are rated highest in all the packages used for ERP system management. It has a feature that allows teams to install and implement applications through the use of wizards which are detailed in the diagnostics and are friendly in the instructions. In terms of usability, Oracle and Siebel are easier to use than PeopleSoft. It has a good layout of the screens in all the displays of the system. This makes solving of the errors easier when compared to other packages used for ERP. The usability of PeopleSoft is somewhat difficult because of the consistent use of thick client. This architecture is used by Microsoft for most of the applications. PEOPLESOFT is lacking in dashboards.

Oracle has a feature which enables it to isolate problematic modules. If an application was not installed properly, for example, the part which is problematic will cease functioning. Applications which behave this way are repetitive in nature. The repetitive problems bring bugs which are not good for the working of the system. Oracle has a feature where the application which is problematic is isolated from the rest. Oracle shows some features that are experienced in advanced configurations and the process modeler. It also is strong in data loading.


Oracle e-commerce systems have been the most reliable and trusted ERP that have redefined the way data from the departments are integrated. The Oracle system serves as a central database used for information feeding for the various modules that make the ERP system. The modules operate in a common platform. With the use of Oracle systems, the data will have one uniform standard and format. They are entered only once to the company ERP system. It is the work of the ERP system to maintain integrity of the data that has been stored in it. The ERP system, in this case, provide data which are consistent and of high integrity. One direct benefit if this feature is the fact that redundancy of data is eliminated and thus rationalization is achieved which reduces the cost of the operations within organization.

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