Managing Team Issues: Human Resource Organization

Peter Kreeft says that “to be a leader you have to lead people to goal” There is no good performance that will ever come without the organization’s human resource knowing the goals of the organization. The goals in any organization are used as the road to its achievement. As a human resource manager therefore I will start by making the awareness about the goals of the organization, the visions, objectives and the mission statement to the worker. This can be done by establishing awareness forums within the organization where the staff members are thought on the goals of the organization and how to attain these goals. Joseph (1994) gives practical steps on how people develop visions and how to sustain such visions in any organization.

Another important action to good performance is the issues to do with the human resource in an organization. This is one of the most important resources that need to be handled with a lot of care since they are the vision carriers in any organization. As a human resource manager I will consider the staff welfare so as to ensure that their performance is always maintained at a high level. I will put their motivation as my strategies to get them sustain good performance in the firm. This can be done through rewarding improved performers in the firm and giving them subsidized services among others. According to David McClelland (1998) employees’ needs are in varying degrees and this mix of motivational needs will characterize the person’s behavior. Therefore the performance of any organization will depend on the level at which its employees have been motivated.

Poor performance can also be dealt with by been firm with the recruiting schemes in the company. This can be done by putting specific details on the advert that relates to each post. This will help the organization to acquire the exact quality needed in the post advertised.

As a human resource manager I will not compromise the standards of the organization during recruitment. For this reason, cases of corruption will be dealt with in this department and when the right expertise is found there will be improved performance.

I will provide more training sessions in the organization so as to improve the workers performance. This will be achieved through vigorous training to new employees. The other employees will be give time to attend conferences, seminars, and workshops that will better their performance. The human resource manager will be responsible in taking with the parties with poor performance. In case of an individual performing poorly, I will call upon him or her for a straight talk. In this talk I will seek to no the problem and put down measures that will solve it. When the problem is beyond employees’ ability he may be forced to shift to another department or even loose his/her job.

Finally as to keep in formed of the performance within the organization I will ensure that feedback cannel are active. Especially through the use of suggestion box and customers complains.


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