Human Resource Manager

Welfare of Personnel

The upholding of the welfare of employees in the company is a very crucial element of organizational success. In its provision of high-quality learning of the English language, English should strive to make sure that the employees’ rights are upheld. As a human resource manager, it will be my sole responsibility to make sure that policy towards employment, remuneration, and others like health and safety of employees is guaranteed.


The safety and good working environment of employees should be guaranteed all the time they are in and outside work. Safe equipment and working areas should be the cornerstone from which the company operates. The company should be advised not to open branches where the safety of the employee is in question.


The human resource manager sits in the ultimate decision-making executive of the company and should champion policies that favor the working and the safety of employees in the company. Women should be offered maternity leaves and men paternity leaves. Working hours and day-offs should also be favorable.

Remuneration And Promotions

The salaries offered to employees should be in line with their qualifications experience and good processes that consider merit should be employed when promoting employees to further unity of purpose.

Determination of Salaries

This is the main reason that people get into formal employment. The human resource manager, therefore, has a big role to play in conjunction with the other departments to determine the remuneration levels of individual employees. The management may set a policy towards the remuneration packages of the various employees but the human resource manager should be the ambassador of the employees in the making of such decisions.

Collaborative roles


iEnglish as a company has many plans for the future. The plans may include expansion to other countries such as in Asia where the English language is rarely spoken. These plans must be in conjunction with the capital that the company has and is raising through retained earnings. Therefore it has to reduce its expenses. Reduction of expenses means that sometimes the employees may be on the receiving end as the company tries to save.


This is a function in an organization that ensures that the various departments within it work in coordination to realize the goals of that company. iEnglish strives to do that as it has many branches in many countries. That means government regulations and cultures of the various countries may be a hindrance for certain salary packages. The amount paid to a similar worker in Canada varies greatly from the package in Nigeria or China. Also, the goals of a company will only be realized through effective and efficient control of operations which directly affects employees whose rights the human resource manager strives to uphold.


The welfare of personnel can be ignored in an organization. Therefore it is the sole responsibility of an HRM to ensure they are upheld. Also, that is the channel through which managers know the plight of their workers. Salary determination is a collaborative affair that needs the other departments to determine such as accounting and finance. Also, managers of the various departments are the ones who know the qualifications of their employees firsthand and therefore advise management on the same.

Collaborative Technology

The various managers may use emails, databases, and telephone communication to know the statuses of their employees. This will make sure that up-to-date information concerning employees is availed to relevant departments. This will include commitment and expertise which may be used to ultimately determine promotions and remuneration.

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