HealthCo’s Development and Employee Benefits


This study aims to go into the details of issues being faced by HeathCo and analyzing the ways to improve the quality of work life. For improving work-life in the HeathCo, it is important to understand the factors which are essential for employee satisfaction and organizational effectiveness. Organizational Development and organizational change are the crucial factors that need to be undertaken to solve the problems of employees as well as the organization at the correct stage.

Organization Development (OD) and Change

Organization Development refers to the effort taken towards the organizational effectiveness by the human resource management of the company. It is a well-planned activity that involves applying behavioral sciences as well as technical skill development activities to improve the overall organizational performance. “Organization Development is an effort planned, organization-wide, and managed from the top, to increase organization effectiveness and health through planned interventions in the organization’s ‘processes,’ using behavioral-science knowledge.” (McNamara. 2008).

OD activity is usually untaken by the experienced professional who may be a person who is from outside the company. He will need to work with all hierarchy levels of employees to understand the ways for effectiveness. OD consultant or practitioner needs to provide an OD framework to achieve the long term objectives of the organization. These frameworks of a set of structured activities are the means for meeting the values and goals of the organization and these are commonly referred to as OD interventions. The OD practitioner prepares development programs and for this purpose, he needs to understand the complete workflow of the company to identify the ways for further development and effectiveness. Organization change will be made according to the OD plans and after that further steps are decided and implemented to cope up with the organization change. Organization development and change management are the important steps towards organizational effectiveness. Coping with the change is usually difficult for the employee, besides being expensive for the company, and it needs to take only at the level which is really essential for improvement with adequate change in the management system. Managers need to understand the ability and skills of the employees and should monitor their progress apart from giving feedback for further improvement.

Quality of work-life (QWL)

Today organizations need to improve the quality of work and quality of work-life of each and every employee working in the organization. “The QWL approach considers people as an ‘asset’ to the organization rather than as ‘costs’. It believes that people perform better when they are allowed to participate in managing their work and make decisions.” (Introduction to Human Resource Management).

With the implementation of QWL, it is possible for employees to work more comfortably. Implementation of flexi-time, short shifts, better work schedules, etc is essential for the employees’ satisfaction as well as for the quality of work. QWL improves the overall performance and effectiveness of the organization. Thus, it is clear that more emphasis should be given to humanistic values while going for organizational development or change. It should focus on the employees of the organization to enhance themselves for the overall performance of the company.


HealthCo is located in the US and is having about 6,700 employees of which the majority are women. It is a nonprofit health care organization with nine major medical centers and thirty-six affiliated clinics, rehabilitation units, and several other specialized centers.

Like any other organization, HealthCo is facing various problems like time management issues, employee benefits complaints, job dissatisfaction of employees, etc. “The importance of paid maternity leave has a long history of recognition.” (Sara and Charlesworth 2007).

HealthCo’s employee benefits include maternity leave for six weeks for the employees who have been there for a year or more. Flexi timings are available in the HealthCo and sick child care is offered at some of its medical centers. Health insurance coverage is available to the employees of HealthCo. These are the employee benefits currently available at HealthCo. For making an employee-friendly company or to make a place in fortune companies, it is essential to provide additional benefits to the employees. Presently company can provide extended leave for those who have worked for a specified time within the company. HealthCo can also concentrate on fitness programs like health club membership or onsite fitness facilities. Referral services can also be included for child care, elder care, and other services. Finally, it is important to maintain good managers and supervisors to avoid problems on the part of the management of good manager supervisor will resolve half of the problem by adequate intervention and appropriate action. It is the managers and supervisors who have to make a continuous effort to accomplish the goal of the company through their innovative changes. Managers can also initiate a well-planned approach for organization development with the help of OD practitioners and changes can be made at the required place at the right time. It is the manager who needs to identify priorities to make changes within the organization. Further, is important to build a powerful team having team spirit towards achieving the objectives of the company.


It is important for the management to deal with the employees with respect and care. And presently HealthCo needs to improve the employees’ benefits including broad Flexi timings along with telecommuting and other welfare activities for enhancing the quality of work life. A company like HealthCo needs to be more flexible in their timings so that their employees can balance life as well their commitment on the job. So it is essential to adopt a strategy for improving the quality of work-life to meet HealthCo’s objective towards becoming a fortune company.


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