‘An Inconvenient Truth’ Documentary and Global Warming

The reality of the present time is far from positive evaluation. The hazards of global warming are increasing every moment. This assumption is rather obvious when looking at the mountains r even whole regions being covered with ice some 20 years ago, and now these areas have little coverage of ice. This little example promotes the idea that mankind went far long in industrial development. The risk to become without a roof above the head is reliable and high at the moment for the inhabitants of coastal settlements or cities. This worry of the scientists makes the current situation rather global for all nations. The thing is that nature is a balanced system, and any breach of its principles and postulates by a man can definitely and unfailingly cause catastrophes of huge scope.

The film An Inconvenient Truth fairly admits the current estimation of relationships between people and nature. In this respect, it is seen that peoples’ betrayal is apparent for the last 14 years. It is outlined with the facts stating the global scope of transformations on the planet. The problem of the constant melting of glaciers in the world is the main danger for human beings. It corresponds to the appearance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which promotes healing of the planet without backward heat rejection into the space. This obstacle is highlighted in the world as the major for losing bygone beautiful sceneries of nature’s identity.

The earth is constantly “injured” by volumes of Carbone dioxides which are produced by power or metallurgical plants, by means of exhaust and other factors. One of the most enormous deposits of ice is concentrated in the Antarctic part of the planet. Here constant crashes of ice may cause their melting afterward in the waters of the ocean. Moreover, the level of sees increased during the last 20 years, and the average temperatures in the polar latitudes increased by 3 degrees Celsius (Singer & Avery 2). This fact tends people to think over the real reasons for such phenomenon in nature.

The recent investigations of scientists throughout the world prove an idea that not only the human factor is the reason for the greenhouse effect. The earth is cyclical in its development through billions of years, and the facts of the greenhouse effect were admitted by scientists with intervals of 1.500 years or more (Oxlade 9). One of the assertions made by the researchers of the world ocean presupposes that from the crust of the lithosphere huge amounts of Carbon dioxide are extracted from time to time (Faust 8). Furthermore, most active volcanoes are also dangerous for people and nature, because just one eruption can cause enormous damage o nature. It equals to the many year’s work of plants, in fact. Thus, there are no grounds for being convinced in nature’s stability in force coming years.

The problem of glacier melting is huge in its unstoppable character also because of the historic cycles of Carbon dioxide in nature. This transparent coating covers the atmosphere of the earth and provides its so-called Atmospheric CO2. Such substance moves throughout the planet in a circular way increasing in mass and volume.

The general trend for the last thousand years or so has been for people to replace forests with agriculture, thus adding ACO2 as trees have been burned or destroyed to be replaced by annual crops. This has not changed the amount of CO2 in the carbon cycle but has increased the proportion of carbon held as ACO2 (Candler 2). Nonetheless, greenhouse gases are the main factors for global warming on earth. This fact is taken for granted today by the World Community. Warming cannot be stopped anyway; hence, people are to be aware of how to make levels of CO2 decrease in the atmosphere (Michaels 3).

A paradoxical fact is that people are still deepening the problem of polluting the environment day by day. There are a lot of possible threats to such behaviors. The main is the risk of life. When existence is at stake, it is vital to think over the reasons and ways for solutions to the problem. People are stubborn in their egoistic regarding nature attitude. The power of money overlapped the notion of natural conditions in which human beings are placed. The scale of priorities has been transformed in a negative direction. Today humanity should act in a strategic way so that to provide less increase of temperature on the planet or even stop such movement. It is difficult, of course, but due to the mutual consolidation of international powers with rational approach people can come to a positive conclusion about efficient and effective solutions. Glacier melting is the problem with a hidden sense. No one knows whether the catastrophe of floods will appear today or tomorrow. Nowadays people and scientists, in particular, are observing even little changes in nature’s balance. It is promoted without any counteractions of people against global warming.

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