People’s Activities Resulting in Global Warming


The process of gradual incensement of average temperature of Earth atmosphere and World Ocean is understood under global warming. The global warming began to be discussed several years ago when the influence on atmosphere became uncontrollable. Modern innovative progress, the thoughtless consumption of world resources and a lot of other issues took to the point the question of changes in the world environment. Unusual pieces of evidence lead us to recognize that our Earth’s temperature rise in danger level.

Main Body

Greenhouse effects

Greenhouse effect is one of the causes which lead the mankind to the global warming. The process when some gases from the atmosphere are trapped from the earth is called the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse gases are very important for the earth, as these gases help all plants to grow, the temperature is held on the desirable level for all living being to be able to live. The damage of the greenhouse gases emission lowers the temperature of the atmosphere till -20 degrees Celsius. The concentration of these greenhouse gases is also dangerous as it may lead to emission of these gases in the atmosphere what may cause the temperature increase.

Considering these effects from greenhouse gases, when are got not on the norm level, it is impossible to avoid the damage which greenhouse effect may bring to the atmosphere and the danger which waits for everybody on the Earth. (Population and global climate change 2007) The provided researches showed that the human activities, which caused the environmental pollution, led to the greenhouse gases concentration in the atmosphere. (Global warming) To the point, the level of human caused gases is on the spot of about 90%, what is almost the 100% reason for greenhouse effects.

Temperature data

Global warming is the consequence of the temperature increase. Considering the increase of the temperature the investigations were provided and the rise of about seven degrees over the last 30 years were distinguished in Alaska. The level of temperature rise is rather big, considering the fact that the increase is on the whole continent (Horner 2007). The temperature, and as a result the global warming, maybe cut to the minimum by means of reduction of the world energy consumption (Global warming).

The main reason for global temperature rise is human activity. If no measures are provided, the increase of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere will raise temperature and greenhouse effect. The danger of these processes is that 8% of temperature rise are absorbed by the oceans, and resulting to increase of sea level (Population and global climate change 2007). The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is proved to be the main reason for the temperature increase (Horner 2007).

The danger from temperature increase is the covering of the land by water, floods, windstorms, earthquakes, heatwaves, fresh water and food shortage, heat and water stress, the damage of natural system, the loss of ecosystem and biodiversity. (Population and global climate change 2007) These effects are only the less part of the possible consequences which can destroy the life on the Earth.

Water level

Greenhouse effects, the temperature increase and some other reasons lead to the water level increase in the World Ocean. The increase of the temperature leads to the polar ice melt, what increases the level of the water in the world ocean and the level of fresh water in the salt one creates some irrevocable effects.

The problem of polar ice melting troubles the scientists all over the world. The ice of Polar is the biggest stock of fresh water on the Earth, and the global warming leads to thinning of the ice and as a result the shortening of the freshwater supply. The increase of water level in the oceans leads to the increased rate of the storms and floods. The shortage of freshwater results the increase if some diseases which may have the epidemic character. (Horner 2007)

Considering more global effects of the water level increase, it must be mentioned that mentioned that the world ocean with salt water will be met with freshwater what may shift the shot stream’s position. The climate change will create a lot of consequences, one of which is convulsion of nature. The ashes and mud will cover the sun and the temperature level lowering will take place. The snow and ice covering of the planet is going to be the result from temperature lowering. Reflecting of the sun’s rays will not allow the surface to get warmed thoroughly and the glacial epoch will cover the Earth.


So, the global warming is the consequence of greenhouse effects, temperature increase and water level rise, which are the direct consequences of people’s activities. The world resources are consumed with huge speed, and this consumption is uncontrolled. The environment pollution is also the fault of human activities. People do not think thoroughly about the consequences which their actions may result. Nature should be protected, in other cases there is nothing to be protected and no one on the Earth some hundred years later.

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