“Thrilled to Be Here” by NY-Based Familial Trio Bailen

26 April 2019 (San Francisco, CA) – Talented musicians and fraternal twins Daniel and David Bailen, along with their similarly gifted younger sister Julia Bailen, have already performed a fair share of successful live performances in their hometown and other U.S. cities and won the hearts of many music lovers with the intimate quality of their songcraft, impeccable three-part harmonies, and perfect instrumentation. Regardless of that, the band kept their admirers waiting for a proper album for years. Now Bailen’s very first full-value record, Thrilled to Be Here, is already on the way, and, as the album’s lead single I Was Wrong proves, it was worth waiting.

The first single was released on January 25 to announce the upcoming record, and it undoubtedly comprises the best that Bailen has to offer: sounds inspired by classic rock and blues rhythms, well-balanced vocals, dusty guitars, and, besides all that, thought-provoking lyrics. As the band explains: “The song is about coming together and listening to the other side of an argument, hearing another perspective, and being able to say I was wrong. It was inspired by the growing global divide in ideology and a general unwillingness to hear out someone with differing opinions. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is admit your faults, but often it’s the only way to move forward.” This shows that Bailen’s music serves as the best example of a flawless union between quality, craftsmanship, and meaning. It would not be an exaggeration to say that excellence and a fair portion of soulfulness are things that one can expect to observe and hear in each piece of the trio’s work.

Siblings’ undeniable creative flair and musicality are inherited from their parents, who were professional musicians themselves. Plunged into the many-sided world of music since an early age and provided with ever-present parental support, Daniel, David, and Julia were bound to develop a musical passion, whereas a keen interest in literature and language contributed to their mastery in songwriting. It is also worth noting that the unique character of Bailen’s music is the result of the collaboration between three individuals who managed to merge their distinct perspectives and values in a harmonious whole.

With the help of John Congleton, a renowned producer who previously worked with such famous artists as Xiu Xiu and St. Vincent, Bailen’s distinctive sound found expression and became perfected in Thrilled to Be Here. As the band notices in the statement on their official website, the match with Congleton was perfect: “We think micro, and John was really good at thinking macro for the record.” Before engaging in the recoding process, Bailen has already had dozens of songs written, and Congleton’s expertise allowed the musicians to bring the ones selected for the debut album to ultimate finesse.

The new full-length record is a big step forward for Bailen, as with Thrilled to Be Here, they will be able to reach wider audiences across the globe. The trio has already planned and set off on tour to celebrate their achievement and share their music with fans across the U.S. and Europe. The gig at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on April 23 will be dedicated specifically to the album release. Tour dates and tickets are available at https://www.bailentheband.com/#tour-section. Pre-order of the long-awaited record is available on the same page.

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