The BayCare Health Systems

Information Systems Used by BayCare Health System

BayCare Health System makes use of two major information systems in the process of its work, i. e. the Patient Security Identity System and the BEACON (Electronic Medical Record System). Both these systems allow the company to manage its administrative and patient data (BCHS, 2010).

Systems Collecting Administrative Data

The BEACON is the major system that BayCare Health System uses for collecting its administrative data, including the personal profiles of the staff members, staff and management educational records, training levels, and professional qualifications. Every staff member of BayCare Health System has his/her account in the company’s Electronic Medical Record System, and this allows timely updating of the administrative data (Baycare, 2010; ScanSoft, 2005).

Collection of Patient Data

Patients’ data are collected by BayCare Health System through the use of the Electronic Medical Record System and Patient Security Identity System. The former allows identifying the patient through scanning his/her palm. The latter focuses on the compilation and management of electronic medical records (Berg, 2004, p. 118).

Factors Influencing the Systems’ Implementation

The factors that influence the implementation of the above-listed information systems are mainly business-related. In other words, BayCare Health System updates its information management techniques to manage the increasing numbers of customers and the developing staff base (BCHS, 2010; Berner, 2007, p. 28).

Health Care Executives’ Role in Systems’ Selection

The health executives of BayCare Health System have played a major role in the selection and implementation of the discussed systems in the company. The major decision-making power has been concentrated in their hands, and thus the responsibility for the systems’ performance lies on the company’s health executives.


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