Systems in Healthcare Management: Job Description


Job description refers to an organized factual statement of duties and responsibilities of a specific job. It tells what to be done, how, and why. It can also refer to a standard of function, defining appropriate and authorized job contents. The most notable sources of job description include employees’ specifications, supervisors’ related information, and external sources such as customers, consultants, and government inspectors.

The deriving job description document

In health, for example, job description documents are derived in six main stages they include, job identity, job location, job details, materials and equipment, time schedules, and required personal attributes. In more light, health care informatics, clinical officers, or even physicians require well-structured job description documents for them to perform their functions. As an example, directing, managing, system planning, and controlling health care activities require proper quality management and management of clinical resources which are all enhanced by a well-structured job description.

Impacts of the job description on a healthcare organization

Healthcare centers involve several branches or departments which can greatly benefit from job description drafts in productive group discussions especially where decision making starts from an executive level. The job description also enhances the development of job specifications which assists in planning, recruitments, training, and hiring of personnel. Further, health care centers benefit from the job description in new employee orientation programs, setting evaluation standards, and job evaluation techniques.

Deriving job description

The job description process has proven to be essential in the different departments in a health care center. The process requires auditing jobs, analyzing employee responsibilities and qualifications in their different positions. Therefore, the process starts by collecting background information which requires the organization to know the specific job identity. The selection of a repetitive job that involves taking a representative sample from a group of employees is the second stage of the process. The third stage requires the presentation of job analysis data which involves collecting data on features of the job required, employee behavior, and human qualities.

The deriving job description also involves describing the job contents in terms of functions, duties, and responsibilities which is enhanced by developing job and employee specifications. Job specification requires analyzing traits, skills, knowledge, and background necessary for performing the job. Employee specification requires a description of physical, educational, and experience which will show whether the individual has the propensity to perform the job.

Effects of the job description

The job description requires the corporation of the workers, the supervisors, and the top management basically all the stakeholders. Since it involves employee specification it breaks a major role in determining the physical education and experience required for a particular job. It also plays a major in marketing the company, especially where functions or duties of the employee are made public to the health center customers. Health care specialists require proper qualifications, therefore; job descriptions can be used in structuring the interviews and recruitment sections. Employees need to understand the duties and responsibilities so that they can be able to relate to what the company expects from them and its objectives. This move reduces employee turnover and increases motivation.

In addition, implementing a job description in a health center will solidify performance management since the job description constitutes success in the job. Determining pay levels such as wages and salary of health centers personnel is enhanced since its base on their duties and contribution to the organization.

Other effects of the job description to health centers include the ability to limit legal exposure. Legally equality or human rights should be upheld in the health centers. Job description assists in this process. Selection and recruitment processes are based on employees’ specifications in relation to job speciation. Therefore, ensuring only qualified employees are recruited. Legal requirements involving health care centers’ duties and responsibilities or performance management decisions are well stated. Hence ensuring companies with a proper job description are free from illegal accusations since there are objectives, duties, and employee responsibilities are clearly stated.

In conclusion job description involves statements relating to the duties and responsibilities of a particular job. It requires job specifications and employee specifications for it to be structured. Health centers are affected positively by job description since it assists in the development of pay levels, employee motivation, recruitments, and performance management.


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