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๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ Why Use Our Sentence Changer Generator?

Rewording skills are a must-have for every student. They help to avoid plagiarism, comprehend information, and incorporate ideas from other texts into your writing.

Have you ever struggled with rephrasing? We feel your pain. And we are here to help you with our professional sentence changer generator!

Paperroniโ€™s tool will become your perfect academic assistant because:

  • Itโ€™s 100% free.
  • Itโ€™s available online.
  • Itโ€™s accessible without registration.
  • Itโ€™s user-friendly.
  • It saves you time.
  • It boosts productivity.
  • It prevents plagiarism.
  • It instantly generates a high-quality result.

โœ… 8 Types of Plagiarism to Avoid

Did you know there can be different kinds of plagiarism? They all have unique features, and each type counts as cheating:

  1. Complete plagiarism is submitting an entire paper written by someone else under your name. It's the most unethical type of intellectual property theft.
  2. Source-based plagiarism involves providing an inappropriate reference. An example would be giving credit to a non-existent source.
  3. Direct plagiarism is associated with copying passages of another author word-by-word without quotation marks and references.
  4. Self-plagiarism occurs when a student uses information from their previous paper in a new academic work.
  5. Paraphrasing plagiarism results from inefficient rewording when you don't change all the words.
  6. Mosaic plagiarism involves intentionally inserting someone elseโ€™s text between your ideas. This kind of plagiarism is difficult to detect.
  7. Inaccurate authorship may occur when you fail to give credit to all the authors of the original text or when you mistakenly include the wrong person as a contributor.
  8. Accidental plagiarism is unintentional. To prevent it, use our text converter app and get 100% original writing.

โœ๏ธ Top 7 Tips for Changing Sentences

Paraphrasing is challenging for many students. But if you follow our advice, your writing process will become much smoother. Use our rewording tips to get a high-quality result!

Detect essential information. As you read the original text, try to point out essential details. In your paraphrased version, include only crucial information to convey the same meaning.
Take notes as you read. Taking notes will help you to highlight keywords and keep information in order. As a result, you will get a well-structured paraphrased text.
Use quotes. Some concepts are impossible to rephrase. In this case, direct quoting will help you. Keep in mind that you need to cite the sources properly.
Be clear. Imagine that somebody with no knowledge of your topic is sitting in front of you. How would you explain it to them? You will do it clearly and concisely. Your paraphrase should be the same.
Put the source away. Avoid looking into the original text while rewording. We know that the temptation is high. But to reach 100% plagiarism-free results, it's best to rely on your memory.
Choose appropriate synonyms. Word choice is essential for accurately reflecting the source's main idea. So, ensure your words fit within the context and don't mislead the readers.
Change the sentence structure. Rearrange the format of the sentences whenever possible. You can switch active and passive voices, play around with grammar tenses, and mix sentence parts.

๐Ÿ“‹ Examples of Changed Sentences: Bad & Good

Now, let's see these rewriting techniques in action. Here's a fragment from the article What Do You Think of Ted Williams Now? by Richard Ben Cramer.

Original text:

"It was often said Ted would rather play ball in a lab, where fans couldn't see. But he never blamed fans for watching him. His hate was for those who couldn't or wouldn't feel with him, his effort, his exultation, pride, rage, or sorrow. If they wouldn't share those, then there was his scorn, and he's made them feel that, by God."

First, let's see how not to reword it:

โŒ Bad example of a paraphrased text Explanation
Ted would rather play ball in a lab, so fans couldn't see him. But he didn't blame his fans. He didn't like those who couldn't or wouldn't feel his effort, rage, or sorrow with him. He made people feel everything. Here we can notice poor usage of synonyms and no changes in sentence structure. Moreover, the source's main idea is conveyed inaccurately.

And here's a better example:

โœจ Good example of a paraphrased text Explanation
Ted didnโ€™t like to play in front of the public. Yet, he never complained about fans seeing his games. Ted couldnโ€™t stand people who failed to notice his effort and feelings during his performance. He made sure such people knew about his disdain. This paraphrased text is composed of various synonyms. Moreover, it offers a diversity of sentence structures, making the writing 100% original. Yet, it conveys the source text's idea without changing the meaning.

Thanks for visiting our page! Use our sentence changer and share it with your friends! It is also worth checking other writing tools prepared by our team.

โ“ Sentence Changer FAQs

Is there an app that rewrites sentences for you?

Yes! Papperoni sentence changer generator will become your perfect paraphrasing assistant. Just copy-paste the text into the box, click the button, and get an instant result. You will get high-quality writing and save plenty of time!

How to copy and paste without plagiarizing?

If you are copy-pasting a text word-for-word, you must put it into quotation marks and reference the source. Another way to avoid plagiarism is to change the sentences. Remember that you still need to give credit to the original author.

How to rephrase a sentence online for free?

Papperoni offers the best paraphrasing tool. It is entirely free and available online without registration. Try using it! You will get a well-reworded text within several moments. Save your time with our online text converter!

Is there a website to reword sentences?

You can find an excellent rewriter tool on Papperoni. It instantly generates high-quality and plagiarism-free results. The tool is free and available for everyone. We are sure that our sentence changer will become your ultimate writing assistant!

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