Impact of Technology on Communication on Criminal Justice


Technological advancement has a profound effect on different aspects of human life. New inventions are always released every other day and most of them are either directly or indirectly connected to the crime. Technology also affects the way people communicate including criminal justice systems. Criminal justice systems face continued challenges due to the changing technology. This paper discusses how technology affects communication in criminal justice systems.

Technology and Criminal Justice Communication

Evolvement in technology has continually enhanced new-age crime whereby criminals use new technology in various ways to do their tasks. Criminal activities have also advanced with time with the new technology motivating more criminals resulting in much broader categories of crime. The criminals are using modern physical technology such as guns, bulletproof clothing, and armored vehicles. They are also using electronic or computer technology such as the internet and sophisticated communication gadgets. Technology has also enabled criminals to get access to a larger population of vulnerable targets due to technology such as the internet. They can accomplish their tasks in relatively less time due to the availability of technology (McQuade, 2009).

The challenges presented by advancements in technology dictate that criminal justice systems continually improve on their means of communication to keep ahead of the criminals. They need to develop quicker and more efficient communication means such as cell phone conversations, emails, instant messaging, and internet facilities. A report by McQuade (2009) suggests that the current criminal versus police situation is like a cat and mouse game. The more the police advance in technology the more the criminals improve on their techniques (National Institute of Justice, 2007).

In community policing, strategies may be necessary to supplement patrols with CCTV surveillance systems that will submit real-time reports of events. Internet communication between different sectors and departments may need to be secured and upgraded regularly to ensure the communication does not land in the hands of criminals.

Verbal communication is an important element of a successful criminal justice system. With the advancement in technology, it may be necessary to continually improve verbal communication. Mathews (2009) agrees that its necessary to communicate perfectly especially in modern times, he is quoted suggesting that “most importantly one should do their best to prevent communication from occurring and this means being more alert, and understanding the many various methods of communication” (Mathews, 2009, p. 1).

Verbal communication may need to be expanded to include effective communication when criminal justice personnel communicates via communication tools such as web cameras and cell phones. How effective this communication will depend on how one is well versed with relaying all the information and the emotions even without seeing one another.

Technology usually attracts criminals from all corners of the world for example cybercrime. This may mean crime justice personnel may with time to time interact with people from different languages and this affects communication. It is suggested that the person may need to advance in their communication skills “While it may not be possible to understand each different language and for that matter learn them, one should at least understand that this might occur and be prepared” (Mathews, 2009, p.2).


Technology affects our day-to-day activities and this includes communication in criminal justice systems. Verbal communication among others has been seen to be affected by technology and suggestions such as efficient communication have been cited as one of the ways to keep up with the challenges that come with technology.


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