Generation Y Characterization

It is not a secret that to make up the visual image of the development of human society and history, we should draw a spiral, where each coil will symbolize a single generation. That means that it is possible to draw a border between generations and this border will be rather distinct.

Our work is rather difficult, as we have to characterize the generation, where we are the element ourselves. They say that it is impossible to give an unbiased and objective opinion about a system if you are its cell; objective evaluation is possible only if you manage to exit it. Still, we will try to solve this task.

A contemporary generation has “a name” already. In mass media it is called “Generation Y” and it includes people who were born in the second half of the 20th century. This generation is very controversial and full of paradoxes and extremes, but very bright and unique. The main reason for this is rather symbolic: this generation had lived in the previous century and continues its life in the new millennium; that is why a lot of hopes are pinned on it.

First of all, our generation is the generation of high technologies. The Internet is our God. On the one hand, it is very good, as we know how to find a necessary book, the only copy of which can be found in some library abroad, we can socialize with people from different countries via the Internet, we can visit museums like Versailles Picture Gallery, we can buy things sitting in front of the screen and we can get access to unimagined treasuries of information. Moreover, our whole life is digital: we even have electronic pets like “tamagotchi”. It will not be an exaggeration if we say that we learn how to switch on a PC before we learn how to speak.

But on the other hand, Generation Y is isolated. It would have been better to socialize with real people and to have a walk with a real dog. We are lost in the global web, we lack communicational skills, and we are physically weak, though children attend different karate and tennis classes.

Secondly, our generation is pampered by social conditions in comparison with the previous generation that had experienced or remembered word wars. We are accustomed to a stable life with all conveniences. Our generation is child-centered, that is why it is the generation of egoists who need constant approval. At the same time, we are skeptical and suspicious, as we do not want to be deceived.

Thirdly, Generation Y has a peculiar attitude towards the family. This is the generation of single, working, and divorced parents. Family is no longer our first consideration; we even get married five or ten years later than the previous generation did if we ever marry. Our women are emancipated, our men workaholics. The typical image of a contemporary person is a businessman/businesswoman wearing an official suit, constantly talking on the phone, making money.

But at the same time, we should admit that there is also one more peculiar thing about our attitude to work. Many people do not want to work hard, they choose to work smart. Young people know what they want and they know how to get it. We are ambitious, independent, powerful, and optimistic. We are always ready to learn, we have flexible minds. We know that we are unique and we believe that we are the best.

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