Walt Disney Company’s Corporate Strategy & Fitness

Corporate Strategy

Walt Disney is a renowned company in the motion picture industry. The organization produces a wide range of films that are suitable for family viewing. The production of quality family material has placed the institution in an ideal position within the film production industry, hence its success. The company’s corporate strategy is to offer exemplary services to its customers and become the market leader in the industry. Some of the major areas that the company focuses on include the production of quality family products, memorable entertainment experience, international expansion, and leisure. Walt Disney is an American-based company, but it has acquired various organizations in different parts of the world to enhance its geographical scope. In addition, the company acquires technology companies that have extensive technical skills to help boost the technical knowledge of the organization. Technological advancements help the company to create memorable entertainment, thus putting the institution in an ideal competitive position. Most of the film industries around the world produce items that favor a certain group of people, mostly the youths. However, Walt Disney uses a different approach in the production of its films to ensure that the products suit the entire family. The company has several theme parks and resorts that together help to enhance service delivery and the production of films. The company values excellence and teamwork among its employees as well as customer satisfaction.

Strategic Fitness of Walt Disney Portfolio

All business ventures within Walt Disney but the consumer products segment exhibits strategic fit. The theme parks and resorts have enabled the company to achieve its primary role of giving customers a memorable experience. Many people around the world prefer to spend their leisure time in a Walt Disney facility because of the exemplary services that the two institutions offer. The media networks segment has grown tremendously over the past few years. The company uses new technology to diversify its services within the media networks. The company exploits technology to create products that are in line with consumer needs, thus making the company a leader in the media industry. However, in the consumer products business, the company is not offering enough. The consumer product segment of Disney is non-competitive, which makes it a liability. The organization of different segments within the company provides an ideal opportunity for cost, brand, and skill sharing. The media network segment can advertize the theme park and the resort, thus cutting down marketing costs. The information gathered through technology and research can help the other segments of the business to improve its operation. The company can use the media networks to air its movies and other entertainment products, thus improving service delivery. In general, the company can achieve great success if all the segments work together.


The company needs to improve coordination between different segments to reduce the cost of production. Most of the segments within the company work separately, making it hard to achieve effective cost-sharing. Coordination of different segments will allow the company to achieve its set targets faster. Secondly, the company can employ the use of an extended supply chain. An extensive supply chain will improve the presence of Walt Disney’s products in different parts of the world, which is the major strategy for the company. Thirdly, the company can focus on tactful acquisition, which will help the organization control its growth.

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