Violence in Popular Culture in the United States

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Society had become increasingly concerned about violence. Different studies over the years have suggested that far too many of youths and adults are increasingly assassinating and hurting others. At times, it almost seems to be a plague. Many believe that one of the major causes of violence is electronic media and encourage violence or hidden violence masked as popular culture. Within the boundary of popular culture and electronic media rock music it has been found that there are too many numbers and programs with its lyrics about gender related abuse and sexuality. Furthermore, there is enough provocation in the media of popular culture that influences the mass into drug abuse and provokes aggression and this is a particularly hazardous factor and an even stronger marker is a fondness for heavy metal music. This shows a noteworthy marker for alienation, substance abuse, mental disorders, suicide, and risk taking activities. Violent video games have an effect on children similar to that of violent television and film. Thus, it is important that the authorities should act and regulate the media.

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Violent actions performed in playing video games like Hitman, House of Dead and many others, are more conducive to children’s aggression. Kirsh states that these games include, “Intense Violence – Graphic and realistic-looking depictions of physical conflict. May involve extreme and/or realistic blood, gore, weapons and depictions of human injury and death.” (Kirsh, 316) Thus, the fact is that the media not only is teaching kids to kill; we are teaching them to like it.

Similarly, Hollywood movies nowadays are more violent and bloody than they used to be around thirty years ago. Other medium of popular culture like action movies, televised sports, men’s or women’s magazines, radio or TV talk shows has changed for the worse. It is important to evaluate and analyze the cause and the ultimate effects of this drive. However, to make the discussion simpler the focal point would be on Hollywood Action Movies. Hollywood Action Movies have always manufactured keeping in mind the need and likes of the audience moves have scored well at the box office. It is no surprise that with their ability to keep up with the popularity index of the mass. It can thus be stated that Hollywood Action Movies always provided the mass exactly what they intended to see and this became the reflection of the society in general. In other words, Hollywood Action Movies represented the popular culture or demand.


In conclusion, it would be very relevant to state that in our all-utilitarian money-oriented market economy driven needs of urban life the electronic media play a vital role. In this whole world of ‘earn to burn’ philosophy it is all but evident that we should be living in an effective make believe world of utopia more like Aldus Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’. Down the ages of history, all the human population ever came to existence created utopia in accordance to their own culture and taste. This is our culture and our taste is creating today’s utopia. However, it should be mentioned that had the media would have been fine if they had stayed in their ‘all feel good’ place. But, they are asking the viewers to become a ‘go getter’ and they are asking the viewers to become aggressive. It is, thus, no wonder the children are becoming influenced by this and getting aggressive all the time as they feel it is the best thing to be and violence is playing a big part in it. The media would not rectify itself on its own. If that was the case the media would have done that long ago. Thus, there is no other alternative but the authorities to act and regulate the media.

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