Verizon Wireless Corporation’s Low Employee Job Satisfaction


Overview of the Organization

Verizon Wireless Corporation is a U.S. based mobile phone Company that was formed in 2000.The company has an approximately 93 million subscribers. Being headquarted in Basking ridge, Verizon wireless serves high number of customers leading to a generation of high revenue. The successful expansion of the company operations, is based on its acquisition strategies of other smaller telecommunication companies such as Alcatel.

The company has a well structured management team being headed by McAdam Lowell who is the CEO. Other senior personnel includes Anthony Melon, John Townsend and Dan Mead. Some of the major products manufactured by Verizon wireless includes V cast, CDMA 2000, Mobile TV and Global phone rental.

My role in the company

Being one of the junior managers in the supply chain department, my role in Verizon wireless company is very critical. According to Stephen 78, supply chain manager is responsible for managing and organizing the activities involved with the identification, acquisition, and distribution of goods and information through the complete supply chain system”. My main responsibility in Verizon wireless Corporation is to oversee the acquisition of raw materials used in manufacturing of various cell phones and distribution of products across the markets. Other roles include laying out strategies that will enhance effective and efficient distribution of our products across the markets

Problem statement

In supply chain management, there are various strategies that need to be set in order to ensure effective supply of goods and information across the organization. However, it emerged that the sales team and the marketers have registered a reduced level of productivity making it possible for the Verizon wireless competitors who includes Metro PCS, Revol Wireless and U.S Cellular to effectively penetrate the market that was originally occupied by Verizon. The reduced level of performance is as a result of lack of recognization of the employees’ welfare by the senior managers (Wilson 18).

Identification of the problem

The problem which has led to employees’ underperformance is low level of motivation. This implies that they do not have a strong desire to effectively market the company products as a result of lack of intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors. My concern is, as managers what can we do to improve the performance of our employees?

To whom is it a problem?

Reduced motivation is a problem to the entire Verizon Company. This is one of the Company weakness which competitors can use to dominate the telecommunication market.

To what extent is it a problem?

In addition, to the low level of motivation, there is limited communication between the employees and the senior managers resulting to lack of employee-managers positive relationship that is required if companies are to remain profitable. Even though lack of motivation is a problem within the company, it is does not ultimately depict that managers are totally indifferent with the social and financial position of their employees. It is worth to note that top level managers are still concerned in making their employees better performers.

Literature Review

According to Jim 46, motivated workers have ambition to produce quality results and emulate better ways of undertaking their duties. He advocates for the recognization of the employees by exposing them to inner excellence so as to enhance their productivity. This is an essential aspect which the Verizon top level managers have not effectively adopted. My aim is to explore why the verizon marketers and the sales executives have reduced their productivity (Cohen 37).

Analysis of Problem

The direct cause of the problem is lack of opportunities thorough which employees can develop their career. This has resulted to lack of personal development which is one of the intrinsic motivational aspects which enhances employees’ performance. This problem is based on the studies done by Stephen in his book, Organizational Behavior – Concepts, Controversies, Applications that was printed in 2004.

Leadership and Organizational Behavior concepts present in problem

Lack of motivation strategies is a problem caused by ineffective communication system between the employees and the managers. Through emulation of seminars and regular meetings with top level managers, employees can be able to give their ideas on various issues which affect their performance (Baumeister 18). In this way, they will feel part and parcel of the company resulting to a higher motivational level.

Possible Solutions

Alternative One

Managers should expand career development opportunities for employees. This entails giving them chance to attend part-time marketing classes in order to improve their marketing techniques (Ajzen 25).

Alternative Two

Managers should increase the employees’ salaries and the commissions so as to reduce the rate of workers turn over. Being one of the major motivational factors, higher salaries will ensure that productive and ambitious employees are retained. This would also involve regular adjustments of the wages depending with the level of company’s profitability.

Alternative Three

It is fundamental that managers adopt monthly meetings with employees in various departments so as to provide an ample ground thorough which workers can raise their grievances (Appley 46). In this way, it will be possible for the managers to provide tailor made motivational factors based on the employees’ requests.


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