Two Ways of Losing Weight

Life is all about striking a right balance between important things. Priorities differ from person to person but one of the most important aspects of good life is the right diet. Our body requires sufficient nourishment to support us at work or for that matter at any other important place; hence it becomes imperative for every human being to look after their body well. Looking after the body is all about getting two things right namely, the right diet and the right workout. This paper will throw light upon how to reduce weight and take appropriate diet.

Two ways of Losing weight

In order to lose weight one requires to let go off some bad eating habits. Not only this is sufficient to lose weight but also proper exercise is a must to lose weight. The fat content taken in must be reduced and proper exercise should be done in order to lose weight. Eating the right diet is extremely important in order to be healthy. On the contrary if a person takes appropriate diet but does not work out, that individual is bound to develop problems in the future. There are several pills in the market that claim to have mastered the art of how to lose weight. This is too good to be true and this does not hold good. All pills are useless and cause major side effects and hence it is not advisable to take these pills. The following part of the paper will provide complete details of how to lose weight by eating right and exercising.

BMI stands for body mass index and it has to be followed extensively in order to maintain an idle weight. “A good diet is low in fat, cholesterol, sodium and sugars; and high in vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and whole grains. Eating well can make a real difference in your health and longevity.” (Food and nutrition, 25 March 2009). Good diet must include proteins, carbohydrates etc. In order to lose weight, it becomes imperative to avoid junk food and to exercise. The diet consumed by males and females have different affects, for instance if a female has to lose weight than she will have to work much harder than men, especially on the areas where the fat is accumulated. For instance, the lower back., thighs etc. On the contrary if a man has to lose weight, he need not work as hard as a woman.

A woman is expected to take 1900 calories per day to remain healthy and in the case of men it is 2400 calories. The best way to lose weight is by sticking to a proper diet but that requires strict discipline. When we compare this to a normal diet it can be found that this diet has far less restrictions in the sense when it comes to the intake of fat content.

Eating rice also makes a person obese and hence it must be avoided at all costs. Noodles are another thing which leads to obesity so instead of eating noodles or something similar an obese person can eat sprouts. Sprouts have a high nutrient value and sprouts give a lot of stamina and energy to work relentlessly hard to lose weight. Green vegetables are another very good option to reduce weight and get back in shape. When this is compared to the diet of a normal person, it can be found that there are far less green vegetables that can be consumed by a fit person. Other healthy things like fish and chicken can be eaten by obese people in order to get strength to work out and get back in shape. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this should never be skipped. Research goes to show that people who don’t have their breakfast are much more prone to get obese than people who have their breakfast. The intake of sugar is another factor that determines hoe obese a person can get. This is not an issue when compared to a healthy person. The work pressure is so much these days that the people have forgotten about their diet and it is very important to have a sound body in order to have a sound mind. Taking curd in the breakfast is believed to have worked magic for many obese people. This must be taken without sugar. Drinking plenty of water is a must in order to get in shape. This also applies to fit people, the more water we drink, the better. Eating Oats in the breakfast is another good solution to decrease the weight. All these dietary patterns should be extensively followed by the obese people. Eating salads is another important aspect of the diet, the obese people must eat healthy food and there can nothing healthier than salads and vegetables. On the contrary the fit individuals need not eat as much salad as the obese people because they can afford to eat other cuisines that include fat content but the same does not apply to the people who are obese. In order to lose weight, it is very important to work out and eat right. Boiled eggs are a very good solution and eggs should be eaten on a regular basis. Obese people must avoid ice creams, chocolates and other material. On the contrary, the fit individuals can eat almost anything provided they workout. Aerobics is another important exercise that can be done by the obese people to reduce their weight. To conclude it is very fair to say that the paper threw light upon ways to control obesity, however in order to reduce the weight, the obese people have to work really hard but that is not quite the case with the normal people. Another important aspect is that the normal people can eat almost anything but that can’t be afforded by the obese people. The Obese people have to work hard in the gym in order to tone their body and most importantly they have to eat right to become fit.


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