TriNet’s IT Security Measures


In the contemporary world, information technology has significantly evolved. Many business transactions have been computerized. In the present-day business world, many organizations are forced to apply the recent technology to improve their efficiency as well as operational costs. Information is of great importance to any organization. It acts as a pillar in every organization’s department (Balanced Score Designer: 2000, par 4). Data insecurity, therefore, implies insecurity to an organization.

TriNet is a company that delivers outsourcing services to other companies. This company has significantly helped small countries in improving their performance in their various activities. The company offers different services to their customers. These include compensation of workers, human resources, payroll, strategic human capital services, and benefits. TriNet assists other companies especially the ones at their initial stages of development. This is by helping them to meet their human resources needs at a lower cost. The company provides strategic services that properly match the position of a particular company at their different positions in their lifecycle. The company realizes this through its experienced and dedicated team of experts.

Because this company deals with many companies across the world and sometimes accesses much information about its clients, the issue of safety becomes a critical matter. The company is obliged to keep sensitive information with high-security measures. This is aimed at protecting the information which requires confidentiality. To maintain a high level of information security, the company has employed several information security measures.

General Overview of Security Measures at TriNet

TriNet has highly recognized the importance of promising and reliable security in terms of data access to the public. The company has designed various methods through which data safety is ensured. In connection to this, the company has developed immediate and adjustable processes of responding to any factor that may threaten the security needs of the company. It has also developed various methods to resist any attempt to intrude into sensitive information. The company has realized this by developing multiple and independent strategies to avoid intrusion (Dehnhardt: not dated, par1).

The company has also developed a close and frequent inspection of the traffic and systems which has significantly helped in maintaining information security in the company. The company has also developed an advanced system for controlling access to the client’s data.

As a way of security maximization, the company has constructed a balanced score to monitor the information protection efforts. In this process, the responsible management collects metrics which they think are necessary for determining the performance of security measures applied in the company. This process has significantly contributed to the company’s IT security improvements.

Security Measures Applied By the Company

Intrusion detection KPI

Several software and technologies are available in the market for intrusion prevention. These devices depend on each organization. In other words, the choice of data intrusion prevention mechanism varies from one organization to another. The choice of the best system will depend on the company’s security policy measures. Apart from the Network Intruder Detection System, intrusion prevention KPI may also be used by the company.

TriNet has a system that is designed to detect any intrusion to protected data. This is through the use of the Network Intruder Detection System (NIDS) (Dehnhardt: not dated, par 2). This has as well helped the company to a great extent in data protection.


TriNet’s perimeter and access points are highly secured firewalls. These hardened and secured firewalls are hardened and dedicated a fact that contributes to strengthening the security levels. The system uses optimized configurations to control the traffic that the company recognizes as acceptable. It can detect when there is undesirable traffic in the network. The company monitors the perimeter very closely and log files are also checked concerning the international databases of any suspected violators. This significantly helps the company in detecting any attempt to tamper with information early enough before the situation worsens.

The system is designed in such a way that the company can be able to display every exploitation as well as activity. The Dshield notifies ISP as well as the abuse contacts and feedback to the people who submit about those systems which are suspected to attack other networks.

Network Security

TriNet applies multiple layered systems for its data security, network, and systems. These layers are developed in such a way that each of them supplements the performance of the other. In other words, the company has employed this system as it has a high level of reliability. In case one fails, the other presents a barrier to the intruder.

According to Dehnhardt, the company considers defense in-depth as the best design to apply in the company’s security design (Dehnhardt: not dated, par 3). This has been done through the installation of sensors at specific points within the company’s network. Through these connections, the company manages to inspect the traffic through these points, which identifies and signals any undesired traffic and attempts to connect into the network.

This significantly allows the company to avoid any unnecessary intrusion into their information. The sensors used by the company in its network are designed in such a way that it can interrupt or reset the connections automatically when it senses any threat in the system. It interrupts the system by abstracting source IP addresses at the firewall. For instance, when the sensors detect any attempt to access the company’s information that is not meant for external users in the company’s network, its sensors will reset the connections hence protecting the company’s information.

The sensors which have been installed in the company’s network are monitored in a centralized position from where the monitors can be able to examine the traffic in the company’s network (Dehnhardt: not dated, par 5). The security analysts positioned at the centers then act accordingly depending on the activity. These analysts are highly qualified for the position which has significantly improved the results of the process.

Over the past, firewalls have proven to be effective in the company’s security. The firewall system used by the company is easy to administer. An organization’s firewall configuration should reflect the organization’s security policies (Interpol: 2010, par 35,). At TriNet, the company uses a firewall system that has satisfied the company’s security measures.

Incident Response

TriNet has recognized the fact that there is the possibility of intruders cracking the security systems. This is why the company has used several layers in case the intruders crack anyone of these. Therefore, the company has a well-developed response system through which they react to these emergency cases.

According to Dehnhardt, the response to these intrusions is determined by the nature of the threat posed as well as the extent of penetration. In other words, there is a different response to different incidences depending on the extent of their penetration into the company’s data system.

There are different response levels in the company. This includes reporting the traffic to the remote user’s ISP as well as contacting the individuals (Dehnhardt: 2010, par 5). In some cases when an incident involves internal issues, the manager may deal with this. To maintain a high level of security at TriNet, all the leaders in different departments in the company have the right to review all the incidents reported and the actions taken in response. This helps these leaders in recognizing any incidents which require more attention.

The TriNet staff members are directed to report any incident involving intrusion in the company’s systems that may threaten the security in the company.

Reasons for the IT security measures in TriNet

There are several reasons why TriNet outsourcing company has employed intensive security measures. The main aim of applying these security measures is to improve the security level in the company. In the contemporary world, the company’s information is very important. If the company’s information is threatened, this can pose a major problem to the performance of the company (Yu: 2011, Par 2). A company’s information is one of its most important assets. As Yu (2011) puts it, information is the key to growth and perpetual growth (par 3). The company’s information may be used to construct or demolish an organization. This is the reason why many organizations have emphasized this issue in the modern business world. This has been done by ensuring that IT systems are properly protected.

The first reason for information security at the TriNet Company is to avoid competitors from accessing some of the confidential information that may affect its competitive advantage. For instance, some of the company’s strategies require a lot of confidentiality to maintain its competitive advantage. For instance, if other human resource outsourcing companies reveal internal tactics used by the company to win its customers.

Information security at TriNet also helps the company in preventing the loss of sensitive materials. As Yu (2011) puts it, loss of important information can significantly affect the competitiveness of the company. As Hallmark (n.d.) puts it, careless information storage can lead to the loss of many dollars (par 1).

In some cases, the company is forced to share some data with its clients. As this is important for the business convenience, the company suffers the risks of breaching. Multiple users can easily lead to breaching of the shared information. Breaching of information can significantly affect the performance of any business. For instance, altered information may lead to a bad reputation. This can make the business lose its customers. This is another reason why TriNet uses IT security measures. Through these measures, the company can reduce the risks of breaching.

Information security measures at TriNet are also meant to ensure the confidentiality of the data. Confidentiality not only prevents information access by unintended people but also protects the company’s system (Miller: 2010, par 2,). Privacy is of great importance in some issues. For instance, access to a credit card number needs a lot of confidentiality. This can only be assured through intensive information security.

Information security systems prevent the company’s data from being modified by unintended persons. This is attained by restricting the people who can access certain information. Alteration of such information can have adverse effects on the organization. For instance, if the company’s information on transactions made with its clients is altered, this may lead to misunderstandings which may eventually destroy the relationship between them. It can also negatively affect the integrity of the company hence destroying its reputation.

Threats combated by security measures

As we have already noted, some of the information security measures have a significant role in TriNet Company. There are several threats combated by the security measures.

One of the threats combated through the use of IT information security in the firm is to protect the company’s information from the dangers of hacking. As Yu (2011) comments, “hackers can seriously tamper with business information (par 4).” One of the dangers posed by hacking is access to information involving property rights. A property right is one of the valuables for the company. Loss of this or copying can cause the company great losses.

Hacking can also lead to the loss of the company’s data like catalogs. Through hacking, such information can be copied or altered, and again this will come with a cost for the company. Hackers need to have a greater knowledge about datacomms technology than the common computer user to be able to succeed (Panbkaj: 2005, 127). Through its properly installed IT security systems, TriNet manages to block all these threats associated with hacking.

Another threat combated by the use of IT information security in TriNet also uses data protection to protect the company from viruses. Viruses are very dangerous to any business as they can lead to the loss of information. This mainly affects the efficiency of a company. The company may also lose a lot of money through the loss of certain information. Viruses can also lead to the corruption of files. Once data in files is altered, the company can rarely make reliable decisions. For instance, if data on financial transactions get altered, the company is unable to come up with the correct financial status of the company. This can significantly affect the company’s performance. Finally, viruses can lead to the destruction of the company’s computers. This increases the costs to the company hence reducing its profits.

Ways of improving organization’s security and security of its data

An organization’s security and security of its data can be improved in several ways. One of the main ways is by integrating different methods of data protection in its systems. In case one of the security measures fails, then the next one forms a barrier. This improves the security level rather than when the company applies a single measure. For instance, a company may use multiple layers firewalls.

Another way through which a company can improve data security is by formulating a good data protection policy (Schiff: 2009, par 6). One way through which an organization can achieve this is by forming policies for obtaining, using, and keeping critical information concerning the organization.

While storing data on laptops or computers, it is advisable to use strong encryption. This will minimize the risks to external threats.

An organization can significantly improve data security if it restricts who access the most sensitive information. Many companies apply data encryption for data in transit to avoid any intrusion (Spam Laws: 2009, par 3,).

Safe destruction of unwanted sensitive or outdated data can significantly improve the company’s data security. The company should have formulated rules to improve data security in the organization.

While choosing the necessary security measures, an organization must measure its effectiveness to the organization’s system to enhance its success (Armistead: 2007, 19).

Problems that security measures can cause to the organization or its customers

The discussion above has clearly shown that security measures are of great importance to an organization. This is done by securing the company’s information appropriately. However, these security measures have posed several problems to the organizations.

One of the main problems is cost-related. The measures applied by the company in its efforts to maintain information security are expensive. The systems need qualified IT experts which are expensive to hire. The company also incurs high costs in purchasing this equipment. These additional costs have affected the financial well-being of the organization. The money spent on security measures can be used in other functions.

Data protection has also affected customers negatively. For instance, it has denied the customers from accessing some of the necessary information about the organization. Customers may for instance not be able to access service prices due to the protective measures which are involved in protection measures.


In conclusion, this discussion has clearly shown that data security is of great importance to an organization. There is a need for a company to have reliable information security. As we have seen, breaching can cause a complete fall of an organization.

TriNet has applied a developed and updated security measure in its systems. This has significantly improved the security condition in the organization. It has managed to keep off unnecessary intrusion into insensitive information.

In other words, data security in any organization significantly affects its performance. Every organization must therefore employ necessary measures to avoid the dangers related to intrusion. This can be realized by applying the necessary security policies in the firm.

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