The United States and World War I


World War I was probably one of the most tragic events in history. Although none of the involved parties wanted to participate in the combat or even expected it to happen, it resulted in decades of horror. However, the outcomes of the military actions could have been different. When America intervened in the conflict, it changed its participants’ chances to win the war and influenced the results of combat. In my opinion, its minor interference had changed the history of Europe. This paper reflects on what would have happened if the United States had not entered World War I.

What Would Have Happened If America Had Not Entered the War

The United States was not threatened by any of the World War I participants. It was the country’s decision to be involved in the conflict. If America had not entered World War I, the military actions would have different consequences. Even though its entry was not decisive, the country had changed the results of the war. The United States entered the combat late when most of the critical events had already occurred and the outcomes of World War I had been predictable. It means that the primary part of the military actions had happened without America’s intervention, but the country still had a significant impact on its results.

The most significant outcome is that Germany would not be forced to accept the Armistice under such humiliating conditions. They limited the country’s army, its artillery pieces, and human reserves. The participants wanted to prevent Germany from starting military actions again but possibly provoked World War II by their harsh policies. As a result, the country did not have an opportunity to restart the combat but was put in a morally inferior position. In my opinion, it had a direct impact on Germany’s decision to start World War II. The Treaty of Versailles unexpectedly changed European history and influenced its course drastically. I think that without America’s entry into the war, the military actions would still result in an armistice but under different and less humiliating conditions for Germany. In fact, the Armistice’s negative results outweighed its positive aspects. If America had not entered World War I, the Allies and the Central Powers probably would not achieve the desired results, but, in the end, it would less likely lead to a catastrophe that happened later. In my opinion, this outcome suggests that the country should not have intervened in the war.

One of the other possible results of America’s entry is that the military actions would have lasted longer. By the time the United States entered the combat, the involved parties had already been exhausted, but none of them had the power to stop military actions without the outside influence. By supporting the Allies, America improved its financial position and made them dependent on the US banks, giving them the opportunity to win the war. Without America’s intervention, the British would run out of their resources. I also think that Britain could have tried to achieve peace by allowing Germany to keep its gains in the East. I believe that such an outcome would significantly change the current state of Europe. Without the US munitions and soldiers, the Allies’ counter-attack against Germany would not be possible since they were too weak to take such action. It is important to consider the effect the intervention had on the United States too. By helping Britain, the country provoked a significant growth of its economy. It created an employment opportunity for many workers. If America had not entered World War I, the state would probably have to close the arms industry, which would cause bankruptcy and unemployment.

It is necessary to point out that Germany would still have lost due to starvation or revolt. As a result, the French and British would probably make the punishment of Germany more severe without President Wilson restraining their demands. These facts suggest that World War II would still happen but under harsher circumstances. It is impossible to predict Germany’s action if the Treaty of Versailles would be different. However, I believe that if America had not intervened, there would be a possibility to resolve the conflict under more favorable conditions for Germany, and the Armistices probably would not exist in the form it was created.


World War I could have had different results without America’s intervention. Even though the country contributed financial and military resources to the combat, the possible outcomes could have prevented World War II as they could have improved Germany’s inferior position. America probably should not have intervened in the conflict since it was not threatened by it. However, its entry possibly helped the United States to avoid major economic collapse, as well as ended the war earlier than it could have been finished. These facts suggest that the American intervention’s positive outcomes can outweigh the negative ones. Nevertheless, its possible influence on World War II shows that its entry was an adverse aspect of the future conflict.

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