The Theme of Sexuality in Contemporary Mass Media

The world of constant and versatile communication hides in its extent positive as well as negative consequences for people. The thing is that mass media in contemporary society provides people with huge amounts of information and different data. A man wants not to lag behind the mass preferences, and for this purpose one searches for information in news blocks via TV or Internet or by means of traditional newspapers, journals, magazines. The fact of such progress of mass media, which has drawn to a head and continues improving, can be explained with the scientific technological innovations and derived technologies which are constantly replacing each other in the public domain. The question of communications and morale are interconnected in terms of reciprocal intrusion of each component into the sphere of a man’s mindset.

The theme of sexuality is rather weighty in this discussion due to a powerful influence of such a theme on people. Our sexuality in most cases depends on what we were programmed with intentionally or unintentionally. This fact is widely used by many psychologists in order to make more impacts on this or that channel ratings and popularity within masses. Such a vital theme was often lack of deeper discussion due to the restraints of the society and general taboo due to the amoral attitude of conservative people thinking that such discussion can definitely destruct the current state of things maintained in communities.

Times went by and the twentieth century showed a number of global changes one of which is an emergence of the Sexual Revolution and its effects on the public opinion afterwards. In 1980s and 1990s the theme of sexuality was manifested as one of the most vital throughout different talk-shows in the United States. People of different layers and strata of the society in those shows were thirsty of disputing on this issue and by this virtue they were warming a live interest in those ones who watched such shows at home. Moreover, a great assortment of erotic movies was perpetually replenished with new descriptions of “transparent love”. Since that time mass media has totally occupied the minds of men in various countries. As a result, people began loaning words, manners, acts of their TV heroes and Internet most popular resources, as a result.

Surely, one can hardly refuse the amenities of contemporary technologies due to the fact that they make people’s life better. That is why in mass media flow and its influence on peoples’ sexuality there is an educating approach, when different programs or special block of news provides an individual with set of personal knowledge for developing the feeling of own sexuality, which, in return, prevents them from inferiority complex and provides with gradual complex of deeds as of making life beautiful with sexual affairs and sexuality itself. Thus, an individual can collect as much data as possible for his/her perfection and conviction in personal and particularly individual sexuality. Furthermore, mass media intend people to refresh their desires by means of imagination and ability of brain to create rather real images of what can be perceived sexually.

Computers and the impact of the Internet are able to resolve peoples’ problems with self esteem and personal dignity due to various types of communication when people in different regions or even countries can have an access for information exchange about each other by means of SMS, MMS, and Skype etc. This makes people, as a result, meet and, what is more, date afterwards. This value of Mass Media is able to increase peoples’ sexuality and its further elaboration not in theory, but in practice already.

Mass media has a distinct feature of being available for wide circles of current and potential audiences all around the world. That is why the scenes of violence and pornography may gain children. This, in return, can cause the psyche trauma in early age due to unpreparedness of a child’s sensitive mentality for rational evaluation of the information. In fact, it may aggravate an individual’s further approach to personal sexuality, and, as a matter of fact, one cannot say that mass media makes influences on peoples’ sexuality, but prevents people from it.

In the United States of America new technologies for mass media appear faster than in any other country, it assumes that people can feel more comfort in sharing news. The problem of morality is rather striking in American society, and people of showbiz are more unrestrained in expression of their opinion for all to hear. If one tries to oppose such behavior he can be blamed as old-fashioned. In other words, theme of media affection on people living in the US is quite open and, moreover, everyone takes it for granted.

To sum up, human beings were given language for expressing their opinions or exchanging information. With a flow of time and when mass media appeared the public opinion began adhering to it. Nowadays, in terms of peoples’ sexuality mass media has wide boundaries and ways of mental penetration with a purpose of mind programming. That is why mass media causes positive and negative effects on peoples’ sexuality in the United States, particularly. I can fairly suppose that the further flow of progress can make people follow the way of virtual reality and the field of imagination will be more important than real appearance at all.

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