The Origin of American Slavery

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This paper describes the history of slavery and the reason if its origin. Moreover, the second part of the essay provides the analysis of “African American” culture, whether it is a separate phenomenon or can be referred to as a “racial” group.

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The origin of American slavery starts in the early 1800s (Equal Justice Initiative 1). Many Africans were caught and unwillingly transported across the ocean to the United States of America (Equal Justice Initiative 5). Slavery as a scheme was established when the first slaves were delivered to British colonies (Equal Justice Initiative 5). Slaves became important sources of cheap labor and made the United States’ economy dependent on its efforts. It was one of the main reasons why slavery was established in the United States of America (Equal Justice Initiative 5).

After a while, the American Civil War occurred since the slaves were not able to control and experience the cruelty anymore; it was the symbol of the awakening of human freedom (Equal Justice Initiative 1). Slavery still has reflections in modern society, even though one and a half of the century passed since the Emancipation Proclamation (Equal Justice Initiative 1). Nowadays, slavery is also considered an important part of American history, and could not be forgotten.

African American culture was created during the times of slavery; consequently, this fact implies that it was born and generated during the period of cruelty and violence. Moreover, African Americans were the primary target group of people who were majorly used as slaves (Equal Justice Initiative 1). Although, it has to be mentioned that the individuals from the other nationalities were also enslaved. However, a significant share of the slave market still belonged to African Americans, who were transported across the Atlantic Ocean (Equal Justice Initiative 5).

Furthermore, African Americans went through a plethora of cruel, devastating, and miserable procedures during the slavery period, until they could gain their freedom. Slaves usually experienced horrifying physical violence for some reasons: the punishment was one of them (Equal Justice Initiative 8). Moreover, some slaves were sold and exchanged; during the selling process, they were treated like animals who had absolutely no rights (Equal Justice Initiative 8). These facts bring African American culture through a lot of suffers and increase its originality and importance to American history.

Another important aspect of African American culture is the fact that American society differentiates African Americans from Africans, but this fact increases the level of racism and discrimination (Ngugi 23). This fact makes it original and unique compared to the other ethnicities in the United States of America. In my opinion, African American culture deserves to have a particular spot in American history, since it plays a significant part in the country’s democratic and economic development and was born on American territory.


In conclusion, it can be said that American history was dramatically affected by slavery, which appeared in the seventeenth century. Moreover, the traces of slavery in the shape of discrimination still occur in modern society. Speaking about African Americans, African American phenomenon originated during the American slavery period. This culture could not be assumed and summarized with the other social groups since it has a significant impact on American history. Other ethnicities are also pivotal for the development of the United States of America as a nation, but African American culture was integrated and born under severe slavery conditions in the United States.

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