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According to Gunning, (2005),Process writing is a kind of inscription that gives more calling for the writers ability come up with a product through the use of the a procedural approach rather than the system where they are just doing a Xerox of a model to make up a product. A greater deal of concentration is accorded to the steps that have and shall be followed when the writer wants to come up with a writing that is from any genre which depends on the writer’s choice but not the actual writing. The fact that attention is drawn from the out put to the modus operandi makes this kind of writing more common with the students.

Steps that are mandatory to be followed include the prewriting, the actual writing, doing the revision bit of it, editing and finally there is the publication of the output. Prewriting is the process that makes the writer recognizes issues that he wants to depict in the writing, the actual putting down the vision on the paper is referred to as writing, reconsideration is the process of revisiting the inscribed ideas to verify their grammatical concerns while expurgation involves the work of an editor and finally presentation of the document to the audience is under the stage of publishing.(Gunning, 2005).These are the step that the writer are advised to follow and they should propel their work towards the target and intentions of coming up with a thrilling and a writing that has the aspect intended in detail. As a break down they are as follows:

  1. Prewriting
  2. Inscription or writing
  3. Revision or Reconsideration
  4. Editing /Expurgation
  5. Publishing.


This is the very first undertaking when one wants to come up with a personal document. it is a process that involves the process of brainstorming to create the ideas and set the mind to the intentions of the writing in general, a collection of data and their processing into information, engaging the minds into the process of looking for the ways to explore, effecting of the planning process and the at last creating list of all that the writing should imply.


This is the step that is preceded by the prior of prewriting. It’s also referred to as the drafting. This follows after the writer has gotten the outline and within its contest their should be no much bothering concerning the kind of sense that is being used or whether there are any of grammatical errors. It is a step that is mostly concerned with pleasantness of work and the outcomes.


This is the third step of the process writing and it does give room to create the correct impressions that could have been intended through the use of thought and ideas. It’s at this position that the person writing the document gets the chance of rereading the draft and realization of areas that are not right demands their correcting. This is a step that extends beyond the grammatical setting and due to this it has the biggest calling of resources and this give it the highest prioritization. Generally revising does involve the making of decisions on how to make some changes in the piece of work that one wrote and having a new perspective when reading through the articles and getting to recognize the places that make the writing he has come up with to be interesting and more informative. The revision can be done through the addition of what the reader wants to know, rearranging of facts to ensure that they are in the most effective and logical manner, the removal of the unnecessary information or the replacement of word to make sure that a stronger and a more clear word is used.


This is a step that is done on a completed piece of writing through the sharing of the material with someone else who has the chance to play roles as an editor. The editor need a fresh piece of attention to, be able to come up with the idea that the writer didn’t see. The editor shall have to check on the possible spelling mistakes and whether the punctuations are well placed all through the essay. The sentences that are used should be grammatically correct and the outlined grammatical sentence structure should be adhered to and on the purpose of editing would in addition to others be directed to check whether they are followed. An editor does examine the subject and verb connections and when there is a mistake he does correct it. Editing can either be self or peer. Self editing is whereby the writer reads through his piece of writing in a backwards manner. It’s the reading of very last sentence follow by the second right to see whether these sentences do make sense or whether there are errors recognizable from them. Peer editing is whereby the script writer involves a peer to reads through the piece of the writing and verify the grammatical concerns of writing.


It’s a final step where a writer is proud to share his work with other writers and he has the opportunity to enjoy his accomplishment. This is a step that makes the writer to make the writing know to the related writers.

Each of the steps that are followed in the process writing is very significant. Gunning, (2005) argues that , Prewriting does give the writer time to go back to the information at hand and deciding on the value that it has.Thruogh this he can be able to gauge the importance and effectiveness it has to the coming up with the document intended. Writing does bring the opportunities that were being sought to enable the writer to put into the paper his visionaries and dreams as well as the ideas that give him the drive to venture into writing. The most crucial step is editing and here a lot of grammatical errors and punctuation are done. Sentences are made to sound with sense and what was left out when writing took place is given the chance to be included. Editing has the aspects of creating corrections and having an out put that is standardized. After the finesse of the document is achieved the rest is publication of the writing which serves the purpose of creating awareness of the document availability. Publication also serves to inform other writers of the works existence. This is a final stage in writing and it does prepare the article for the market presentation is meant to be sold. Publications could be in print, soft copies or slides.

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