Supply Chain Management’s Role in the Relocation and Transportation


Supply Chain Management plays an essential role in the relocation and transportation of items necessary for the overall economy. For a long time, trade organizations did not pay attention to the problem of environmental protection. In this regard, it is important to know and understand the definition of promising areas of application of the principles of the green supply chain by trade organizations in current economic trends.

Core Objectives

The primary reason why a sustainable supply chain is critical in modern operations management is due to the fact that it provides both an environmentally friendly system of resource allocation and adheres to the current standards of green supply chain management. However, the main barrier to the adoption process among companies is that these firms are willing to adjust or renovate their supply chain only if it does not hinder their competitive advantage (Ferrer 2).

In addition, the green supply chain encompasses the procedural steps, such as manufacturing and disposal (Larson 4). Therefore, it is important to set up sustainable steps in such a way that it will benefit its adopters both financially and operationally. The given approach can be established only if the economic conditions include the social implication of not adopting the green supply chain, which will result in global environmental concerns (Sarkis 203). It also must involve and target every stage of supply chain management, such as extraction, production, distribution, and disposal (“The Story of Stuff.”). All the given points are crucial for establishing systematic renovation in the modern economic condition of sustainability.


In conclusion, the current trends in integration and globalization contribute to the active development of enterprises, but in the pursuit of success, many forget about the environment. In order to meet the requirements of the times and the development of technology, modern supply chain practices must meet such an important demand as environmental friendliness. A promising direction for the development of activities in the field of supply chain management is a green supply chain

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