Supplements and Meal replacement


Supplements and meal replacement are important as far as our bodies are concerned we need to accomplish daily tasks, physical activities, training and exercise in a day. These can only happen when a proper meal that gives desired energy content and vitamins is achieved.

The importance of regular body supplements and meal replacement.

Body building and growth

Certain meals like proteins aid in the body growth and structural development, one of the basic characteristics of human beings is that they should be able to exhibit growth in body size and complexity. This can only be successfully achieved through a good meals supplement and replacement.

Body health and protection

A good meal supplement will be able to provide the body with a complete ratio of essential elements required to protect the body against foreign substance, this will help fight diseases which are a hindrance to general health.

When one skips a meal the body is denied food, this leads to a subsequently high utilization of essential elements like proteins, carbohydrates, fats to provide energy. Continued process will lead to depletion of liver as a result of deposition of muscle glycogen, reduction of glucose level and the brain being forced to look for source of energy. Because of in adequate protein the body will react by beginning to digest the fats to release energy in the form of ketone bodies (ketosis). Ketosis is not healthy for the body as it results into lowering metabolism, as well as weakening of lean tissues thereby reducing energy expenditure further. (Doug 2009)

Slowed metabolism rate will lead to low digestion of already food taken; this in turn leads to insufficient energy levels in the body. It’s therefore important to prepare different foods in advance as this inspires and gives an individual an opportunity to supplement basic meals with meal replacement powders an alternative source of fuel and hence brokerage of protein tissues. (Doug 2009)


Taking different meals with a desired balance diet will provide the body with sufficient energy that enables one to engage into different strenuous activities and perform to his/her potential. This again makes the body to be much more flexible.


Taking a variety of meals regularly at different intervals will increase ones vigor with which he/she eats. This will ensure that there is no “eating for full habit” and that what meals taken are only beneficial for health.

Cost effectiveness

Replacing meals regularly will provide one with an opportunity to evaluate his/her spending overtime. Where there is an overspending as a result of over relying on a specific diet he/she will be able to adjust accordingly. This important more so in the today’s economic world.


In order to achieve a good health, meal supplement and replacement should be given a big priority as it becomes a hallmark on every individual. In doing this a balance needs to be achieved between the qualities of foods, quantity, and when it should be evident. It’s also important to take into consideration your family’s preferences to avoid being plunged into dietary conflict. People feed to their maximum when they get a diet that they are compatible with and are happier.

Its should be a responsibility of every farmhouse to ensure that all the objectives of food replacement and supplement are met in the most effective and efficient manner. By doing all these food replacement and supplement will become a global practice.

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