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🤔 What Is Our Summary Scanner Online?

Students write summaries to demonstrate their understanding of a text and their ability to distinguish essential ideas from irrelevant ones. It is, undoubtedly, an important skill. But what if the study load is a little too much?

If that's the case, Paperroni's summary tool might be what you need! It will:

  • Save your time,
  • Increase your productivity,
  • Produce perfect results for free,
  • Show you the right way to write summaries.

Sounds interesting? Why not give it a try!

🖥️ How to Use Our Tool

Paperroni's Summary Scanner will be your go-to tool whenever you need to summarize any text. Here’s how you use it:

  1. Insert your text.
  2. Choose the number of sentences you want to get in the final summarized version.
  3. Decide whether you want the summarizer to highlight the keywords.
  4. Get the results immediately!

📚 Summarizing vs. Paraphrasing

Students often confuse summarizing and paraphrasing. Indeed, both techniques require using your own words instead of copying the source material. But that’s where the similarities end.

Here are the differences between them that are important to consider:

Paraphrasing Summarizing
The text's paraphrased version is the same length as the original or a bit shorter. The summarized version is much shorter.
Paraphrasing requires including all ideas expressed in the original text. Summarizing requires only the main ideas.
Paraphrasing can be used to make the original text more accessible to the reader. Summarizing serves the purpose of helping the reader focus only on the text's main points and making it quicker to read.

💡 What Can Be Summarized?

Any text can be summarized. As a student, you will probably deal with summarizing essays, books, articles, and research. Let's see what it's like:

Summarizing essays If you’re struggling, for example, with writing a conclusion, a summary tool will help you highlight the key points of your essay.
Summarizing books However disappointing it may be, you don't always have the time to read an entire book prior to summarizing it. Let our summary tool do the job for you!
Summarizing articles It’s the same as with books. A long piece takes a long time to read. Instead, you may run it through a summary tool and kill two birds with one stone: the job is done, and you understand what the article is about.
Summarizing research reports or projects Doesn't matter if the research is yours or someone else's. Our tool will help you report the results and findings concisely.

✍️ How to Summarize Texts in 9 Steps

If you have enough time and enthusiasm to do the summarizing yourself, here are the steps that will ensure great results:

  1. Read the text carefully first. Your only goal here is to familiarize yourself with it.
  2. Break the text into logical parts and create an outline clearly showing the key points.
  3. Highlight the main ideas, and cross out irrelevant information, such as unnecessary details or points that don't support the text's thesis.
  4. Rephrase the main points you’ve chosen using your own words. Change sentence structure and look for synonyms while rewording.
  5. Ensure the key ideas are presented in the same order as in the source.
  6. Do not include your own opinion. Remember that your summary's sole purpose is to relay the text's message.
  7. Check that all the direct and indirect quotes are 100% accurate and formatted correctly.
  8. Stick to the rule that a summary shouldn’t be longer than 15%-20% of the original text.
  9. Reread your finished summary to ensure that everything is correct.

✨ Summary Example for Free

Now, we're going to illustrate the steps we’ve outlined above. Have a look at this sample summary of a fragment taken from John C. Van Dyke's A Text-Book of the History of Painting.

Original Text Future life was a certainty, provided that the Ka, or spirit, did not fall a prey to Typhon, the God of Evil, during the long wait in the tomb for the judgment day. The belief that the spirit rested in the body until finally transported to the aaln fields (the Islands of the Blest, afterward adopted by the Greeks) was one reason for the careful preservation of the body by mummifying processes. Life itself was not more important than death. Hence the imposing ceremonies of the funeral and burial, the elaborate richness of the tomb and its wall paintings. Perhaps the first Egyptian art arose through religious observance, and certainly the first known to us was sepulchral.
Summarized Text Early Egyptians believed that the spirit awaits Judgement Day in the body of the deceased. This led to mummification, funeral ceremonies, and intricate tomb-wall paintings, which were the beginning of Egyptian art.

We know that condensing a huge text into a couple of sentences isn’t always easy. Using Paperroni summary writer will certainly help you with that! You're welcome to use it whenever you need. It is also worth checking other writing tools prepared by our team.

❓ Summary Scanner Online FAQs

Is there a website that can summarize articles?

Online summarizers can do the job for you if you have no time or struggle with such tasks in general. Paperroni Summary Scanner is one of the best online tools. It is a free summary scanner online that will summarize your articles, essays, research papers, and other texts quickly and effectively.

How do you summarize an article without plagiarizing?

Rephrasing is the key to writing a successful summary that will not trigger plagiarism-checking tools. Your summary should resemble the original as little as possible. To achieve this goal, use your own words, look for synonyms online, and change sentence structures.

How to quickly summarize an article?

Using an online summary generator is the quickest way to summarize an article. If you want to do it yourself, then:

  • Read the text and divide it into chunks.
  • Then, highlight the main ideas and rephrase them.
  • Finally, read your summary and see if everything is correct.

Where can I summarize an article?

You can summarize an article using Paperroni's online summary generator. It is a quick way to get a good understanding of the main ideas of the text. You may use the generated summary or write your own one based on it.

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