Society Development in “Growing up Online” Video

The reality of today’s transformation in the appropriate ways for communication provides an idea of further integration of high technologies in terms of the effective feedback process. In other words, the real significance of communication cannot be disputed in a negative coloring, but as a way for mutual exchange between individuals or groups of individuals. “Growing up online” is a video that greatly demonstrates the difference of present-day communication in contrast with suchlike communication some ten years ago. Here are two major aspects which can be analyzed according to the whole outlook on the Internet communities. These two factors provide macro and micro-level perspectives. They are the social structure and social interaction. Thus, the analysis of the underlined issue touches upon the current evaluation of this phenomenon with further possible outcomes.

First of all, it is necessary to note that the time prospects promote the need for changes. The reality which was applicable yesterday can fairly be denied by society today and, for sure, it will have nothing to do tomorrow. This evaluation is appropriate while pointing out the present reality of online communication among teenagers. One should apparently bear in mind, that in such a busy and fast-growing world technologies matter. This is why an easy way to Internet promoted the creation of Web 2.0 technologies with social networking, chats, blogging, etc. One who uses these technologies and is a constant user can be truly estimated, as a progressive and easy-to-communicate man. Children and youth want to be similar in this meaning of the word. That is why they use different sites and build up their own virtual communities. In fact, it is the other dimension of social structuring. It should be taken into account that people and youth are the major part, actively use the web resources, so that to communicate more. Most experts relate such fact with the supposition that people are trying to be original in the way and form of communication. That is why they use online resources.

The process of growing up online is a unique emergence in the society of the present day. Everything which considered real communication and participation seems to be behind the scenes. Virtual reality is rather applicable for making teenagers’ images, profiles, and sharing their news or different media materials with their friends. MySpace, Facebook became the most attended websites. Here more than 150 million people have already posted their profiles. This process of web priority in communication with peers can be explained not as a negative approach because it is a new area or dimension for the provision of interpersonal contacts. It is increasing, because there is a constant “migration” of people who recently used traditional approaches toward communication.

To sum up, teenagers cannot but be separated from this process. This most progressive layer of definite population and society needs to share new ideas about technological progress. On the other hand, children’s communication cannot be controlled via the Internet. It is a ground for their parents’ worries. Still, the situation with global communication via Internet resources provides a wide scope for teenagers to further develop their online relationships. Interaction is appreciated within children. This is why they can simply grow in their personal social and mental development without any shape for reality. In fact, this process is going on constantly.

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