Social Media as Digital Strategy for Business Marketing


Social media has emerged as one of the most effective ways of marketing for many companies. E-commerce has increased the competitive power of many companies in different business industries. The digital strategy in business is a viable method to harness a larger market share for companies because it targets the global population. Before developing a digital strategy involving social media, clients should be acquainted with several important aspects of this marketing platform. This paper looks at five of the most important things to know about social media.

The social aspect

Social media is a unique digital platform because it entails the development of a social circle with the target market. Unlike other marketing platforms, social media does not allow the broadcasting of direct ideas; rather, it entails developing interactions with potential consumers. Conversations have to be developed, and the entire marketing process has to be informative and persuasive. The broadcasting of promotional messages is normally met with a negative response on social media platforms because most users prefer developing a relationship with marketers before their being convinced to make purchases. Social media can attract failure in business if it is approached blindly be a marketer.


Social media is a viable digital strategy in marketing, but it requires a lot of time to yield the expected results. Most marketers expect an immediate response from their target market, but this is seldom the case with social media. One has to be patient with this digital strategy because consumers on social media are not impulsive respondents. The strategy is quite a low-effort method for marketing, but its price is time and patience on the part of the marketer.

Selecting appropriate channels

Social media has very many channels, and a marketer needs to identify with the channel that enhances the chances of success in business. Market targeting is a part of using social media because one has to know the platforms that target consumers use. The channel selected should also be appealing to the marketer because social media should give a fun experience for the marketer and the potential clients. The channel should provide a good platform to develop social relationships with the potential clients.

Keeping up with the trend

Social media is a dynamic digital strategy that requires a marketer to keep up with trends that are determined by the target market. Social media users have developed a culture of following specific trends, and marketers have to respond to the changes in trends to become relevant. This requirement means that marketers using the digital strategy must be active users of their platforms of choice in social media channels.

Negative and positive feedback

Clients need to understand that using social media as a digital strategy for business opens the grounds for competitors to share negative information about the respective companies. It is not possible to control the information that infiltrates to the public domain on social media, but business entities should ensure their business processes are handled ethically to increase their positive feedback from users of social media.


Social media is one of the digital strategies that can be used for business marketing. However, before using social media for marketing, business entities should be aware of the dynamics of this marketing strategy. Some of the important issues to consider include the social aspect of the platform, the required patience, and the expected feedback from the target market.

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