Small Business Marketing Strategy


Marketing strategy is an integrative approach used by companies to market their services and products. The success of a business company is determined by the effectiveness of the strategy. For a company to get government contracts, it should have a proper business portfolio, vision, and ability to deliver its products to the customers. This paper discusses my small business that is seeking to meet its set of goals. The first goal is to attain its first government contract. The success of the company will depend on the quality and effectiveness of its marketing strategy. The discussion focuses on the marketing efforts of the small company.

Description of the Small Business

Rodar Consulting Engineers is a small engineering company specializing in road construction, road repairs, bridge installations, waterways and buildings. The company’s mission is to become the leading national provider for roadwork services, bridge installation and other types of engineering jobs. The business began five years ago as a small consulting firm. In 2009, the company purchased new equipment to improve its services. This move made it possible for the company to diversity its business (Esperne, 2010). In the last two years, Rodar Consulting has employed new engineers with skills and experience. The company has constructed several roads and other different engineering works in the country.

The company is currently operating as a small-scale enterprise. This is the reason it has considered tenders and assignments for shorter roads. It has also repaired several roads in various parts across the nation. The company is also promoting its growth by employing more people and acquiring modern equipment and technologies. In the future, the company will offer extensive services both locally and internationally (Stanberry, 2009). The main challenge facing Rodar Consulting is the lack of financing and trust from the targeted clients. To win the trust, Rodar Consulting Company will change its business strategy and purchase more equipment. The approach will make it easier to deliver quality services. This will make the company a profitable enterprise in the engineering industry.

Electronic Marketing Resources

The world is changing due to modern technologies. For a business to survive these changes, it needs to adopt the newest technologies. The approach will provide new ideas and marketing strategies. For instance, electronic marketing is a new approach used to market various services and products to the targets clients. There are different resources that provide useful details and information about electronic marketing. The use of electronic methods means to market a company’s business or ideas improves performance of an organization. Electronic marketing is a process that utilizes modern ideas and technologies. The method is faster and effective (Love, Davis & Baccarini, 2010).

The first electronic marketing resource is the internet. The use of the internet promotes marketing and advertisement. It provides useful insights for competitive business practice. Different organizations are today using the internet as the best marketing resources for their businesses. Our company can use the marketing resource to promote its business. The FedBizOpps is the second resource. The company can rely on this resource to market itself to the government. The company can get tenders from the government easily (Esperne, 2010).

This option is relevant because it makes it easier for smaller companies to grow their businesses and achieve the intended goals. The federal register is another important electronic resource that can be used by the company to realize its goals. The register informs the public about the federal enactments and congressional activities. The company will get the announcements from the government and determine the best programs and opportunities provided. These resources will ensure the company realizes its goals.

These resources provide useful ideas towards a new business approach. The company will be able to overcome the obstacles encountered when contracting. The resources explain how the government issues business and procurement opportunities for smaller businesses (Love, Davis & Baccarini, 2010). The information provided by these articles will make it easier for Rodar Consulting Company to realize its objectives.

Least Useful Electronic Resource

I will use these resources to implement the best marketing process. The approach will inform the customers and clients about the business of the company using electronic methods. The resources offer new ideas and programs that can promote performance and delivery of services. The success of my company will depend on the type of marketing strategy put in place. The three resources provide new ideas and strategies that can promote the marketing process of the company.

Electronic marketing will boost the performance of a company because it is capable of communicating to more customers (Garrett, 2010). The approach will help the company to attain its first government contract. The use of electronic communication and marketing is effective because it informs many people about the nature and quality of its services. These three resources will make the company successful in the business.

However, the federal register might not be effective or reliable for the small company. The register is published after a given time. This makes the tenders highly contested thereby minimizing the chances of getting the awards. There is need to consider the other resources mentioned above. These resources will offer new ideas towards better organizational performance (Garrett, 2010). The company will eventually win the first government’s tender thereby becoming successful in its business.

Most Useful Support Program

There are different support programs that can make a company successful. These programs empower businesspeople such that they can make the right choices and decisions for the business. Various services have been in use to promote organizational framework and performance. This makes it easier to address the challenges faced at the company. Since this is an engineering company, a Collaborative Enterprise Program will help to support the goals and business objectives. The important thing with this support is that it combines different partners and providers (Garrett, 2010). This makes it easier to acquire resources and implement them during the entire project periods.

The support program is effective because it connects the individuals involved in the business. There is need to make the required decisions within the project period. Any obstacles faced during the implementation period are addressed through the support system. The other reason why I consider using this support program is that it is easy to acquire. The support program identifies the weaknesses faced during the project period. The important thing with a support program is that it ensures the business gets all the materials and resources whenever they are needed.

This will ensure the process is smooth and address any hurdles that might occur during the project period (Esperne, 2010). Although the other support programs are effective, the Collaborative Support Program will combine every individual and business involved in the project. The support program will be critical towards the success of the small business. Its application will make it possible to acquire new ideas and attain the first contract from the government. This is critical towards the success and growth of this small company.

The support program will help during the decision-making process. The companies and contractors involved in the projects undertaken by Rodar Consulting Company will use the support system to interact, exchange views, and offer instant solutions to the issues occurring during the project period (Esperne, 2010). The process will ensure new ideas and processes are in place to meet the intended goals. The use of a proper support program determines the success of a business company. The use of the Collaborative Support Program will make it easier for Rodar Company to realize its goals.


Rodar Consulting Engineers is a small company but with a big business dream. It has adopted the necessary strategies and marketing processes to meet its goals. Currently, the company is adopting the necessary ideas and support programs to improve its business approach and performance. The important task ahead of our company is to attain the first government contract. The resources identified above provide useful ideas and incentives towards a successful business. If we win the government contract, definitely the company will be on the right path towards its success. The use of the support program will promote service delivery. The company will make faster decisions and solve all the problems whenever they occur. The workers and business partners will be part of the business strategy. Rodar Consulting Company is planning to use its resources and finances to promote its services and improve its business performance.


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