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💪 Benefits of Our Research Paper Topic Generator

If you’re looking for a research paper topic generator, you’ve come to the right place! With the help of our tool, you'll be able to create catchy and creative headings quickly and easily.

What makes Paperroni's title maker for the research paper stand out?

  • It’s 100% free of charge.
  • It’s very easy to use.
  • It’s made specifically for research papers.
  • It saves you energy and time.
  • It can be used as many times as you want.

🖥️ How to Use Our Title Generator for Research Paper

Get an original title for your paper in 3 easy steps:

  1. Type in the main topic of your research.
  2. Click the button.
  3. Enjoy the result!

If you're not satisfied with the titles you've got, you can generate new ones.

✨ Characteristics of a Good Research Paper Title

Let's see what a good research title is like:

It covers the main idea of the research. Try to include your research methods, subject, and results in the title.
It can be used to find your paper. The keywords or phrases in the title make your research paper easy to find in scholarly search engines.
It makes your reader interested in your research. A good title should be catchy and spark curiosity.
It has the same tone as in the paper. Because the title presents your research, it should also reflect the paper's tone.
It is straightforward. If your title has simple grammar, it will be easier for your reader to understand what the paper will be about.

✅ How to Create a Research Title Step by Step

Wondering how to write a research title or what to do first? We have the answer! Have a look at these five easy steps:

  1. Identify all the main aspects of your research. It includes the methods you used, the subject under study, and the results.
  2. Find some words or phrases capturing what your research is all about. They will be the keywords that you will use in your title.
  3. Make a statement or a question using the keywords. It will be the draft of your title. Make sure not to end it with an exclamation mark—it's forbidden in academic writing.
  4. Remove all the unnecessary information. Get rid of the details that don’t express the main idea of the research. Create your title using no more than 16 words. Make sure your title is not too short or too long. You might want to use abbreviations to shorten your title. However, try to avoid them.
  5. Check your grammar and punctuation. You can double-check it yourself, ask someone to help, or use a grammar checker. If your title is a statement, don’t put a period at the end. Finally, make sure to capitalize all the words except prepositions, conjunctions, and articles.

You might also want to include a subtitle. Here's why it can be helpful:

  • It adds information about the geographical or temporal scope of your research:
    "The Influence of Pop Culture Trends on Teenage Girls: The Case of Seattle"
  • It delivers additional details or explains some aspects of the title:
    “Ways to Improve Academic Performance: The Importance of Varying Learning Styles"
  • It shows that your research covers the work or ideas of a specific person:
    “Allegory in Literature: Comparing George Orwell and William Golding”

✍️ Research Paper Topic Examples: Good & Bad

We’ve gathered some examples of research paper titles and explained what makes them bad or good. Check them out below:

❌ Bad Research Titles Explanation
The U.S. Copyright Office Helps Writers This title is too short, and the reader might not be interested in reading the paper. Besides, it contains an abbreviation.
Photoshop Is an Incredible Tool! This title is also not long enough. It doesn't reflect the tone or the central idea of the research. It also has an exclamation mark, which is forbidden.

And here's how these titles can be improved:

✨ Good Research Titles Explanation
How Does the United States Copyright Office Defend the Writers' Businesses? This title has enough information and reflects the main idea of the research. It's simple and catchy and makes the reader want to learn more.
New Ways in Which Photoshop Influences Modern Art This title is specific and provides enough information for the reader. It reflects the research's tone and main idea and makes the reader interested.

We hope that this article can help you with your studies! Don't forget to check out our research paper title maker. Try our other writing tools for college students if you need help with your narrative, scientific, or quantitative essay.

❓ Research Paper Topic Generator FAQs

What is a good title for a research paper?

A good title for a research paper should convey the main idea of your research and attract your reader's attention. It needs to be catchy and neither too long nor too short. Your title can be either in the form of a statement or a question.

What is a working title for a research paper?

A working title is a draft version of your paper's title. It doesn't have to be catchy or well-polished. However, it needs to cover all the main aspects of the research. You can use it while working on your paper.

What makes a good title for a research paper?

A good title for a research paper has the following characteristics:

  • it's neither too long or too short,
  • it’s catchy,
  • it contains keywords,
  • it is searchable,
  • it has no complicated grammar.

How do you title a research paper?

To title a research paper, you first need to identify the subject, results, and methods used in your research. Then, find some keywords or phrases related to it. Using these keywords, make a statement or a question as a title’s draft. After that, remove all the unnecessary details and proofread your title.

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