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From a wide perception, marketing will include advertising, distributing and selling of a particular product or service being offered by the Pittsburg Steelers sports organization. It defines more on being able to see what will be the customers prospect requirements which can often be identified through a research of the market. As a large sports organization, Pittsburg Steelers will require careful marketing processes to be followed to ensure success. Also, as a sports organization, Pittsburg Steelers is out to make money and necessary tools of marketing will be required to ensure success. Marketing strategy, can be termed as coming up with a plan which is designed to meet the needs and requirements of its customers. This marketing strategy ought to be adhered on clear goals and the n a number of tools will be engaged for successful working of the marketing plan. (Norland, 2009)

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A superb marketing plan structure is the only thing that will enable a competing marketing strategy option to be traded off on the basis of probable financial returns, which is operationalized as the change in a firms customer equity relative to the incremental spending necessary to produce the transform. The turn around in the Pittsburg Steelers sports organization consumer equity will be the change in its present and prospect customers’ lifetime ideals, added across all customers in the business. Each customer’s lifetime value results from the occurrence of group patterns together with the firm’s payment margin. Effective marketing strategies, elements, techniques and methods ought to be adhered to for best performance of Pittsburg Steelers sports organization. (Norland, 2009)

A marketing strategy for Pittsburg Steelers sport organization will be a plan or a move toward for marketing its products and services. On the other side of it, Pittsburg Steelers will employ an advert crusade to ensure positive marketing strategy has been employed. Its objectives will be to take its publicity efforts into a widespread selling approach that has been carefully designed to attract attention to the market place. It will be important for us to understand our market segment since it is known that some of the strategies to be adopted will tend to capture only a certain segment of the market. It will be very crucial to know what your approach is trying to attain. (Lake, 2009)

The market strategy to be followed to make a success of Pittsburg Steelers sport organization will include boosting the consumer confidence-To revive the Pittsburg Steelers into a success, introduction of new products e.g. sport kits and various business ventures will be necessary. Introduction of a new product may be met by hesitance from the customers because they know little about it.Creation of a new product or service by the Pittsburg Steelers will require a marketing campaign that tends to emphasize the quality and value of the product and service. This will tend to increase the sales made by the organization and therefore the company will be lifted to greater heights. (Barker, 2009)

It will be the responsibility of the Pittsburg Steelers sales department to create awareness to the public. To enhance awareness upon the population it will be the mandate of the sales department to undertake a crusade that will be intended to endorse its products or services in as various ways as probable. Increased awareness will bring more people into your stores but it will also cost a lot of money. Pittsburg Steelers sports organization should be ready to augment its financial plan. As a marketing strategy tool Pittsburg ought to influence emotions upon its customers on its adverts. Customers have a tendency to respond to things that appeal to the heart-emotions or feelings- more than adverts that appeal more to the mind, thereby making the customer feel himself, your company and the decision to buy your products. (Lake, 2009)

The sales department also ought to come up with ways of overcoming objections by the customers –It will be the responsibility of the sales department to adopt a marketing strategy that emphasizes warranties, testimonials, endorsements which will attract new customers who hadn’t previously thought about buying from Pittsburg firm. Setting deadlines on the offer of its products will also be an important strategy. Many adverts will highlight on the time the sale ends cause the population has a propensity to respond to deadlines more. Marketing strategies designed around the idea of limited supplies, temporary price reductions, or other mechanisms that create a sense of urgency will give an immediate fluctuation of customers and will potentially jumpstart the profits of Pittsburg org. which would have been undergoing a situation of decreased customer availability. (Lake, 2009)

The marketing strategy action, which includes information about your products and services, the price that you will charge your customers on new and old products to be offered, how the marketing dept is going to promote or create awareness of its products or services in the market place, which is essentially the heart of marketing plan, section of the plan to be followed by the Pittsburg Which is expected to give the practical plan to accomplish these marketing objectives. Meeting the marketing objectives will definitely lead to sales. These strategies are expected to be articulate, be realistic, and follow some time structure to be accomplished. For instance, to improve the product or service awareness among the aimed audience by 30% per annum, notify the aimed customers about the features and advantages of Pittsburg Steelers products and services and its advantage, which may end up to 10% augment in sales as per the year, reduce or eliminate potential customer opposition to buying your products, which may lead to a 20% augment in sales. (The chartered institute of marketing, 2009)

Strategizing with the 4 p’s will also be a necessary tool in improving the organization’s performance. The 4 P’s will influence a customer decision to purchase goods or services. Here, a product which in this case involves a physical item, a service, or even an idea will be described in detailed terms of features and the benefits it offers to the customers. Also, to be stated here should be the ways to be followed by Pittsburg to improve its products and services thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. Pittsburg as an organization will be required to give the price of its products or services and come up with a pricing plan and also describe any price changes to give room for bargaining, as is frequent among huge purchases. The marketing department will be required to come up with a promotion plan. This promotion plan will describe the tools or tactics to be used by the Pittsburg organization to accomplish the marketing objectives of the organization e.g. by creating awareness of a certain sport kit among footballers Pittsburg organization can advertise in sports magazines to act as a tool or tactic. The marketing department ought to come up with a placement and distribution system which will describe how your customers and products will come together. Pittsburg organizational sales philosophies and methods will be described here. (Lake 2009)


Pittsburg sales department is expected to come out and pinpoint the most effective tools to be applied. The marketing tools will comprise public relations, consumer promotions, and point of sale material, editorial material, advertising, and sales journalism. Marketing tech. will be employed at three stages of marketing: Prior to marketing activity-market research, during marketing activity-developing the marketing mix, and last after marketing activity –evaluation of marketing effectiveness. Marketing research will enable the Pittsburg Steelers sports organization to identify the most appropriate marketing method. Different marketing methods exist; this will include direct marketing, relationship marketing, advertising, public relations, and positioning. When keenly adhered to, these methods would take the Pittsburg Steelers even to greater heights. (Baker, 2009)

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