People Who Die from Malnutrition

Afraid to put on some wieght?

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Think About Them

They die from malnutrition…

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Don’t be indifferent. You can help.

According to the Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, every five seconds a child younger than 5 dies from malnutrition or diseases related with it. (Ziegler 2) Global hunger is continuing to increase and currently there are around 852 million of people, including children, who suffer from being constantly undernourished. (Ziegler 2)

These sad statistics are aggravated by the fact that people ignore it. Most of those who enjoy their rights to food tend to underestimate them. It is high time that the Government made these rights equitable and declared subjecting people to hunger and famine a crime.

The fact that not all people enjoy the same rights even for food should be brought to the attention of international community. It is inadmissible to ignore these rights at the age of globalization when the food can be grown synthetically in any amounts. The quality of this food is another question; the most important is that people continue dying from hunger when the rest of the world is preoccupied with far less important issues.

The truth is that these people can be helped. Internation organizations, such as the World bank, the IMF, and the WTO together with the national government have all the powers for this. (Ziegler 2) What remains is to get a desire to protect the lives of these people and the future of these children.

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Why should these children differ from those we know? Why don’t they deserve a happy childhood? Why don’t they deserve a chance to live?

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