Pedagogy: How to Be an Effective Teacher

An effective teacher is one who maximizes the achievements of students by working in accordance with an explicit set of principles that have order, coherence, and relevance in a particular instructional context. Education is an important part of human life. Nowadays people try to get a good education as it influences their future life. The high quality of education makes it possible to get a good well-paid job. People’s education depends on teachers. The higher the teachers’ qualification the higher level of knowledge they can give people. The ability to identify effective teachers and to cultivate effective teaching results in students gaining more during the time spent in the classroom.

Wong and Wong (2009) in their book state that being prepared is a primary factor in being an effective teacher. The teacher should know the subject he is going to teach. He should read the materials first and map out strategies on how he will teach the material in a way that will be beneficial to all students. He should understand that students have different learning styles and thus adjust his teaching accordingly. The effectiveness of further education depends on the teacher’s first day at school. Everything depends on the way how he or she will organize the work in class during their first days.

Wong and Wong (2009) in their book wrote that ‘knowing how to structure a successful first day of school will set the stage for an effective classroom and a successful school year’. It is very important to organize the work in class correctly (Florida Educator Accomplished Practices).

According to the authors, teachers who are prepared take full advantage of students learning and reduce their misbehavior. The reason why effective teachers are successful is that they have far fewer student problems and consequently are able to get their students to more learning (Wong & Wong, 2009).

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