“Ornamental Cookery” by Roland Bathes


Ornamental Cookery provides a clear picture of the mythological treasure through cookery demonstrated in the weekly Elle. The author of the work Roland Bathes described cooking “substantial” category being presented through smooth coating. The author states that Elle’s strategies are aimed at providing the population of working class with the dream of smartness. Thus, cookery described is predominantly based on alibis and coatings; nevertheless, the background of creativity lies in ornamentation and unbridled beautification expressed by means of chiseled mushrooms and silver pastilles. The thing is that ornamentation was presented in two different contradictory methods combining the elements of baroque and an incongruous artifice at the same time.

The idea preserved in Elle is connected with the combination of fairy elements with reality for the purpose of making real problems of cookery more simple and transparent. Mythical economics supports the idea of ornamental cookery which is related to the dream-like cookery through its magic and beauty. Besides, the Elle is aimed at working class that is why the factor of cookery economical type is taken into account.


Myth is considered to be based on human intention to create fairy reality and dive into the world of fantasy. Taking into account concepts developed by Roland Bathes and his idea of mythological realization, modern generation can enjoy the embodiment of celebrity fashion. The audience is considered to be the working class for all people to have an opportunity enjoying the beauty of fashion style which is not widely followed by such social circles. Sophisticated approaches developed by Roland Bathes can be completely simplified through the combination of two opposite styles in new creative clothing line.

The main goal of this mythological idea is to promote the fashion tendency among the population who knows nothing about style and design. Clothes created in celebrity fashion will show ordinary people how to make beautiful and interfering things out of old clothes. The new developed clothing line will combined the features of 80-s with modern fashion sponging the elements of the most famous designers who demonstrate their clothes all around the world. Some clothes elements will reflect the features of futurism reflecting people’s hope for better future. Mythological embodiment of clothing line for celebrities is aimed at demonstration to ordinary people the opportunities of making style without the involvement of professional designers. The program will be filled with pictures and photographs illustrating new ideas of making clothes individually and without additional study or courses.

The program gives people dream in the sphere of fashion; clothes which have never been unavailable to ordinary people because of the price appeared to be personally done and without any efforts. The process of making clothes contains indirect teaching elements allowing ordinary people get some skills and experience in making celebrities fashion. Roland Bathes’ idea will be fulfilled through mythical clothes elements of futurism and antic directions. The colors will be mixed reflecting the tones of shining materials of the dress with shabby sleeves in order to demonstrate all characteristics of fashion in fantasy world where people have complete freedom in clothes choice. Mythical style preserved through fashion elements disclosed human intention of transference from habitual routine to exciting unreal atmosphere.

The idea of fashion celebrities will be supported by mythical economics as it undergoes the following aspects:

  • The clothes are presented as the highest objects and its perfection can be accomplished only by looking ad admiring;
  • Brochures with celebrities fashion will be aimed at people with low income; so, the advertisements will be widely spread within all social groups;
  • Economical variant for people belonging to the working class.

Celebrities fashion developed for ordinary people of lower than middle class presents its clothes line as something inaccessible but allowing its audience to teach some methods of style in fashion and try them personally.

So, mythical embodiment of any idea allows promoting creativity and non standard types of simple things. These methods developed by Roland Bathes make ordinary people be closer to art and beauty and evaluate the highest levels of creativity; the combination of retro style and modern one mixed with the elements of futurism in clothing line created, will give an opportunity to admire the most significant features of fashion development at different periods of its history. Bathes’ mythical ideas developed for people of working class allowed them to solute habitual problems of cooking or modern way of clothing simplifying the most frequent sophistications of human life. The theory of mythological study and its approaches introduced by Roland Bathes can be depicted through real objects with unreal elements. These conceptions make people’s life more interesting and impressive reflecting their intention to admire inaccessible things trying to imitate and learn some design elements.


Bathes, Roland. Ornamental Cookery. Mythologies. pp. 78-80.

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