Organizational Commitment and Communication in Organization

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Communication is very essential in any organization. For employees to perform well there must be communication between them. Communication can take many forms for instance verbal where people are directly/physically engaged. Video conferencing is also another mode of communication. This is most applicable in places where people are far much apart. Another way is through emailing and messaging. Individuals can also communicate through the phone.


Communication is very important for leaders. It is through communication in Starbuck that they give instructions to the employees as well as understanding individual employee and how they can be encouraged to do their work. Communication is not only done verbally but also through actions. Employers can communicate to the employees through actions. Employees should lead by example. An employer can do what she/he expects an employee to do. Employees will be motivated if they do a duty which can be comfortably done well by their employer. Leading by an example is a very important as it encourages one to work hard. Communication has the potential of influencing the relationship between the employers and their employees either positively or negatively (Robbins & Judge, 2007).

Employers who communicate well to the employees are more often trusted. Communication may also break the gap between them. Employee will not fear an employer who talks to them more often. Good Communication between the employer and the employees will increase the profitability of the company. An authoritarian leader is one who is job oriented and do not have a correlation with people. Leaders with this characteristic have poor communication with their juniors. Team leader is a leader who leads others by example. He is job oriented. He works hard to ensure the employees have a conducive environment to work. He also has good relationship with the juniors. He motivates the workers to put more effort and encourages them to have a high self esteem.

The workers here most often meet the companies’ set target. Country club leader is one who is never job oriented but has a very good correlation with the employers. He motivates the workers to work hard but he himself does not use his powers. This person has good communication with the employees. An impoverished leader is one who is not hard working and do not have good relationship with the employees. He does not motivate the workers. The workers in this team are generally underperforming. The impoverished leader has poor communication with the worker (Newsom, VanSlyke & Kruckeberg, 2004).

Electricity is the main source of power that is often used.Electricity powers most of the electronics and facilities that are used in the organization. It powers the computers which is one of the modes of communication. People communicate through video conferencing, e mailing. Failure of electric power will hinder communication hence less productivity. Another main source of power in the organization is generators. Generators have often been used as an alternative when there is electric failure. It powers most of the communication devices which include phones and computers. Generators may as well hinder verbal communication for people who are close to it.

Failure of generators hinders communication which may result to poor profitability of a company. Other sources of power include the nuclear power and solar energy. Solar energy is often used to power low voltage electrical like phones. Every company strives to ensure that there source of power is reliable. This ensures reliable communication between the workers in an organization hence high productivity.

Douglas McGregor theory is one of the theories that explain motivation. It focuses on two theories theory X. The other theory is theory y. Theory X focuses on the negative side of the employee. This theory refers employee as someone who is independent. Theory Y argues that the worker is dependent; the employer cannot trust the employee with his work. Theory X argues that a worker who works for longer hours than what is stipulated should be rewarded with money.

The overtime payment should be put in a way that is higher than the actual pay. This will encourage the employees to do more overtime job hence becoming more productive..This will act as an enticement to the worker. Every worker will struggle so as to get high pay. Employees who achieved the target can also be rewarded. This will encourage other employees to work even harder (Lesikar, Flatley & Rentz, 2008).

Equity theory says that an employee should be rewarded when he does something good. Rewarding of encourages them to work even harder. In this theory the mode of rewarding employees should be fair. It should not show favouritism towards one person. A worker may be rewarded by giving him some time off work when his job is good. Congratulating an employee is another way of rewarding them. Everyone likes when his /her good work is appreciated

Another theory is the hierarchy of needs theory. Company needs target in so as to be doing well. Workers would be motivated by the targets which are set. Every company strives to have a way of motivating the workers to put more effort in their work. Encouraging the employers to do more work will result in more production in the organization. Employee’s intrinsic needs must be based in the reward system. The needs of the individuals may vary

Vroom Theory is another motivational theory. Motivation of a worker depends on his perception. The worker may perceive the work of an organization as being important or less important. The effort used in work depends on the way an individual perceives the value of the goal.Effort needed to meet the set target, the likelihood of meeting the set target all depends on the motivation of the worker. This opinion is influenced by the workers past jobs.

The know-how helps one to have a better self evaluation. This evaluation will better the productivity of the worker. The worker should be given an opportunity to evaluate himself so as to increase the understanding of the work he is expected to do. In addition to this, a worker may be rewarded so as to increase his productivity. Communication between the workers and the employees create a very good relationship between them (Beebe & Masterson, 2006).


Employers communicate with the employees through so many ways. They give instructions to the employees through communication. They reward the employees through communication. It is also through communication that the employers give feedback to the employees. Employees will be committed to an organization where there is a good communication between employers and the employees and between the employees themselves. Communication creates good relationship between the peers. Employer needs to understand his or her employee and this will only happen through communication.


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